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What's in the package?

A business that invests in you…that’s the Puddle Ducks’ difference.

Whenever you start up a new business there are always initial costs, from ensuring everything is legal and above board to buying essential equipment. The Puddle Ducks Franchise Package takes care of everything for you. We’ve made sure nothing has been overlooked to help you get up and running as smoothly as possible in the knowledge that you’ll have our ongoing support from beginning to beyond.

The Puddle Ducks Franchise Package currently costs £24,000 plus VAT, which includes:

Licence fee and territory - the Licence permits you to trade under the name and style of Puddle Ducks within your agreed territory. No one else may operate as Puddle Ducks in your territory without your permission.

Operations manual - our comprehensive operations manual containing all of our proven business practices is supplied to the Franchisee during the period of the agreement, which is continually updated.

Teaching manual - our teaching manual contains lesson plans and guidance covering the full portfolio of Puddle Ducks classes.

Training & opening support - a total of 14.5 days classroom-based and practical training is provided, taking place in Cheshire and on-site within the Franchisee’s own territory, plus additional (minimum) four shorter days where the franchisee will practice running classes at Duck HQ or a franchise local to them supported by a trained teacher. There will also be a total of around 10 days self-study during the training period.

Marketing material - as part of the initial franchise package, franchisees will be provided with an initial supply of personalised promotional leaflets and posters. We offer centralised online advertising too.

Staff uniform - an initial supply of Puddle Ducks branded clothing will be provided.

Swim equipment - an initial supply of equipment sufficient to equip one pool or teacher

E-commerce - your own section within the Puddle Ducks website, a web-based card payment and administration system and two personalised Puddle Ducks email addresses.

Business stationery - a comprehensive supply of personalised stationery items is included.

Legal costs - the package includes a contribution towards the cost of preparing the Legal Agreement and other required documentation.

What Our Franchisees Think

Jane Bozic, Owner of Puddle Ducks Dorset

“Having launched my Puddle Ducks franchise in 2008, my business has grown substantially and I often have to pinch myself just to check it’s real! I feel so proud and blessed to be a part of Puddle Ducks – it is a dream to be doing something as rewarding as teaching and there is such an immense satisfaction from building a successful business.”