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Floaties Classes

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Floaties Classes (0 - 6 months old)

Our Floaties classes are suitable for babies from birth to 6 months and are the perfect introDUCKtion to swimming and a really wonderful bonding experience with your little one. 

What are the Learning Outcomes for your Floatie? 

  • Safe entry into the pool by both adult and baby
  • Float on back or surf on front, with movement (bobbing and snaking) around the pool, and return to upright position with full adult support
  • Experience the water’s movement around their bodies in different ways e.g. swaying, lifts and bounces, swings and dips, cradle rock holds, with relaxed support provided by the parent
  • Be at ease with water being poured down the back of the head on a clear signal by the adult
  • Using a buoyancy aid swimming with baby supported on parent’s shoulder/chest
  • Exiting the pool safely

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