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New Floaties & Splashers Classes

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Here at Puddle Ducks Cherwell & Aylesbury Vale we are very proud to be the only independent swim school to provide a complete journey from birth to 10 years (even before birth with our Aqua Natal classes!)  Our programmes are designed by leading baby and child swimming experts and we teach children to love swimming and respect the water by recognising that every child is different.  Delivering tailored activities designed to grow with each child we can make sure they learn to swim at their own pace.

We are excited to announce two new classes at our Buckingham pool (Best Western Hotel) on Wednesday mornings:

Our Floaties class suitable from birth to 6 months is the perfect introDUCKtion to swimming and leads into  

Our Splashers class (6-15 months) where our happy, splashy babies really start to explore their independence in the water (they don't need to have been a 'Floatie' to join a 'Splashers' class.)

Click here to go to our Buckingham pool timetable and book your class! 

For more information on our lovely pool click here, or for information on all our pools and classes click here.