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Class dates for 2020;

  • 3rd December - 20th December (Holidays: Monday 21st December to Sunday 3rd January)

Class dates for 2021;

  • SPRING: Monday 4th January to Thursday 1st April (no classes: Mon 15th to Sun 21st February inclusive)
  • EASTER BREAK: Friday 2nd April to Thursday 15th April (no classes)
  • SUMMER: Friday 16th April to Saturday 31st July (no classes: Sat 29th May to Fri 4th June inclusive)
  • SUMMER BREAK: Sunday 1st to Tuesday 31st August
  • AUTUMN: Wednesday 1st September to Sunday 19th December (no classes: Mon 25th to Sun 31st October)

Please note all new bookings require payment for 10 classes upfront