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Nicky Garry - Puddle Ducks Teacher of the Term Spring 2015

Nominated by Gail Schooler, Nicky is thrilled with her award!

We were so happy, proud and downright chuffed that our very own teacher, Nicky Garry won Puddle Ducks Teacher of the Term - Spring 2015.

We all know that Nicky is an amazing teacher, but it's great that everyone else now knows too.

It was this nomination from Gail Schooler and Francis that the independent judge picked as her winner.

"I'd like to nominate Nicky Garry as teacher of the term. Nicky has been teaching Francis since he was a baby and she has watched him grow. For the past year Francis has become non verbal, his behaviour and interaction has changed and has regressed in his development. Francis has sensory difficulties and we are awaiting an Autistic diagnosis. Nicky has been great, taking on board strategies to help him to be less anxious with new children, being first to enter the pool again to reduce anxiety and being aware at times that he may not follow instructions or give eye contact. In some areas Francis is not moving forward with his swimming but in other areas he has improved, such as holding Nicky's hand when singing the welcome song. Nicky has been very patient and shown support to myself my putting me in touch with a parent of another Autistic child she teachers. As it can be difficult to teach a child normally it's more difficult to try and get into the world of an Autistic child and Nicky is doing a great job"

Nicky is of course delighted, and here's what she had to say......

"I'm over the moon (and still in shock) to have been chosen from so many fantastic teachers. Thank you so much to Gail and Francis for taking the time and effort in what must be an already very busy day to write such kinds words. It means the world to me to know that Francis gains so much from being in the water, and being able to help with his progression on the future. I love my job and my team at Puddle Ducks and this wouldn't be possible without their continual support.
So a big thank you to my customers, my team and Puddle Ducks HQ for making this term one to remember. Nicky x #ā€ˇfeelinglovedandeversoproud."

Thank you so much to Gail for writing this nomination, you have made one swimming teacher very very happy.