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Upcoming Holiday Dates (inclusive):

Summer holidays: Monday 24th July - Monday 4th September

Autumn Half Term: Monday 30th October to Sunday 5th November

Christmas Break: Monday 18th December to Sunday 7th January

Spring half term: Monday 19th to Sunday 25th February

Easter break: Friday 30th March to Sunday 15th April 

All timetables are correct at time of publishing. Any changes to your class times will be communicated to you by your local office either by phone or email.






Meet the Teachers at The Woodhey House Hotel

  • Helen


    (Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes)

    Swimming has always been a part of my life, completing my first length of a pool at three years old and being part of a Club for most of my childhood.

    I started helping with swimming lessons at age 14 and qualified as a teacher as soon as I could at 16.

    I have always enjoyed teaching and still find it so much fun. Every lesson is different and that's one of the things I love about Puddle Ducks classes! You just never know what you will face in terms of challenges each week.

    Swimming is such an important skill to have. Not only is it a huge safety skill, it can lead to enjoyment in many other water-based activities.

    My lessons are full of fun for both children and adults. Listening to each child, learning and progressing at their own pace, and ensuring enjoyment throughout are all important aspects to a memorable & exciting swimming journey.

    Come & join me, I can't wait to share my wealth of experience with you. x

  • Sarah


    Swim Academy Saturday Classes

    Swimming has always been a huge part of my life after living abroad in my childhood where it was a daily activity. I also swam competitively as a teenager. 

    When I was pregnant with my first child Maggie I was desperate to introduce her to swimming which I did when she was just 6 weeks old.

     We both loved it and baby swimming quickly became my new obsession (that and my baby of course.)

    After deciding that corporate world of marketing was no longer my calling....I started working for the franchise spreading the Puddle Ducks word. It was fab, I used to go along to anywhere and everywhere there would be baby groups and events and just talk to new parents about the benefits of baby swimming and the importance of this life skill.

    When a Baby and Pre-School teaching vacancy came up, I jumped at it...even though I had only had my twins two months earlier....did I mention? I am slightly obsessed with Puddle Ducks?

    The reason I love my job so very much is because of just how much the children and parents  get out of our classes. Its great fun! Its wonderful when a swimmer achieves a new skill and its just the icing on the cake to know you are not only teaching a life skill, but also personal survival skill. I love my classes and hope you will too.

  • Caroline


    Swim Academy Saturday Classes

    Hi, I originally became aware of Puddle Ducks around 8 years ago when I took a friends child to one of their swimming classes. I enjoyed the whole experience SO much that shortly after I trained as a teacher.

    One of the most rewarding parts of my job at Puddle Ducks is watching the incredible journey of the young children learning to swim. Especially those who are a little fearful of the water to soon splashing around and enjoying the wonderful gift of confidence within the safe environment. We enjoy educating the children about the possible dangers of water, but in the same breath, they learn how our progressive swimming programme teaches them to enjoy their experience of swimming and become confident very quickly with their new found abilities. After all this is a wonderful skill that one day may save their lives.

    Over the years I feel I've been blessed with watching the development of many young children from their very first swim in Floaties to finishing up in our Swim academy. The children's individual achievements over the years bring me a huge amount of pride, joy and gratitude for the job that I am able to do and as a team we always look forward to watching our new and existing children and parents progress together and have fun.