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Spring 2018 - Teacher of the Term Nominations!

Congratulations to the whole team - we're so proud of each and every one of you

Our favourite 'teacher competition' has delivered some wonderful entries as always, take a read below:


Ann Marie

** WINNING NOMINATION**   She always makes the lessons fun and knows how to get the best outcome from my Dipper. She is patient and understanding and doesn’t make you feel stupid. Sometimes I get upset when Lillie won’t do something or starts crying but Anne Marie just knows what to say to put it right. Much improvement in swimming since taking on the lesson. And she always has a big smile throughout the lesson. Deean & Lillie

She gives me, and therefore Thomas confidence during our lessons. Thank you x Rebecca & Thomas

Every class ran so well felt very safe in Classes , very welcoming , so lovely with children , very approachable . I started in class with Jackson when he was tiny and Ann-Marie was a super star with us both . We both learnt lots and have carried it through , everything was very clear and delivered to us all with lots of patience. Will never forget Ann-Marie. Emma & Jackson

William has swam with Ann-Marie for 3 years now and looks forward to every swimming lesson, seeing his confidence and swimming ability in the water progress has been a amazing, we had a difficult last term with William not wanting to do much in the pool, Ann-Marie was brilliant helping and encouraging him through this and told us not to give up, I’m so glad we didn’t as a few weeks back he fell in a icy pond and didn’t panic one bit and confidently reached for the side!!! Ann-Marie is a great teacher and makes the lessons enjoyable for both parent and child. Beth & William

We love Ann-Marie! Bertie has gone from screaming through his lessons to laughing & absolutely loving it. Can’t believe how far he’s come & that’s all thanks to Ann-Marie. We recently had an underwater photo shoot, something I never thought we’d be able to do. Amy & Bertie

She is just brilliant. I could go on with a long list of superlatives but she just is brilliant: at her job, with the children, with the grown ups! Charlotte & Martha

Meredyth is always excited every week to go swimming and to see Ann Marie, so much so that she won't swim with anyone else. Ann Marie is always so patient with her, even when Meredyth is having a 'moment'. Can't imagine swimming with anyone else. Corinne & Meredyth

Charlie loves his swimming lessons and has been swimming with Ann Marie for nearly all of his puddle duck journey from a little baby to a swim academy student now. He feels safe with Ann Marie and she always knows just what to say to motivate him. Corinne & Charlie

Ann Marie has just been amazing!! she is always enthusiastic when we arrive at the pool! she notices every child’s individual abilities and will push each child to achieve the best they can! Sophie has become more and more confident with the encouragement and support from Ann Marie and there really isn’t any words to express how grateful i am for Ann Marie providing this important life skill!! Thanks again :) Reanne & Sophie

Harriet has been swimming with Ann Marie since Floaties and is now a Kicker. She adores her swimming lessons and every week can’t wait to get in the pool and this is all due to Ann Marie’s enthusiasm and excellent teaching. Harriet has learnt so much and Ann-Marie has persevered through times when Harriet has been teething or under the weather and has not wanted to do certain activities, she then finds a way round it so Harriet happily participates again. I can’t believe how Harriet confidently jumps in, turns under water and knows how to hold on and reach and kick as asked too. Swimming is the highlight of her week and has meant she has a love of water. With a new baby on the way they will definitely learn to swim with Ann Marie too. Thank you for being such a brilliant teacher! Amy & Harriet



Jane is a remarkable teacher who is amazing at getting my 3 year old to do things she is reluctant to try - she really brings out her potential. My 8 month old also loves Jane - she is a true water baby! Jane always pays special attention to those who need that bit of extra encouragement and support and is able to mix fun with the more serious side of learning such a life saving skill as swimming. She deserves the teacher of the term award, especially given her perseverance in the freezing at Choices, Raynesway! Alison, Sophie & Ellie

Jane always makes everyone feel so welcome to the class and has so much patience with parents as well as our children. Jane is also very empathetic towards the different stages that children go through. Eve & Jonah

Jane has always been brilliant with Charlie, always has time for him and has been instrumental in filling him with confidence. Charlie never complains about going to swimming because he loves it so much. All due to Jane’s tutelage. Philip & Charlie

Jane is an amazing teacher. My little boy loves his lessons with Jane, when 1 lesson has finished he can’t wait for the next lesson. She is so encouraging and patient. Every lesson she is enthusiastic and gives each little swimmer time to develop and progress. Michelle & Oscar

After a lot of determination Thomas now requests to duckling dive and is unhappy getting out the pool without a dive. 17 months of hard work has paid off. Thank you Jane! Beth & Thomas

Just because Sammy can’t wait to get to swim lesson just to see ‘his Jane’ - whom gets him to do what he’s told! Amazing lady, amazing teacher - wouldn’t want anyone else. Zoe & Sammy

Exceptional at building Ella's confidence. Jo & Ella

So supportive and informative! Week in week out she makes classes fun and exciting whilst making them developmental. What more could you want from such a jolly teacher. Clare & Lylah

Jane is simply super! Both of my girls adore her. My eldest can be a tricky customer and lacks confidence in the water. Jane has an endless amount of patience and is so encouraging. Claire, Amelia & Phoebe 

Jane is so patient and always gets my boys to do things in class that they just won’t do for mummy and daddy because she is such a good teacher and because they trust her which can never be underestimated. When my 3rd boys arrives Jane will be my go to teacher for him too. Jenna, Thomas & Zachary

Jane is just an amazing teacher. My 3 girls love her and she has taught them so much and gave them so much confidence in the water. Stevie & Lillie-Rose

Jane is amazing!!! Jane is always calm and teaches the children in a fun way. I love when we get home and people ask Benjamin about his swimming and he talks so passionately about what he’s learnt and I don’t think he would be half as confident or passionate without Jane’s teaching, she is a star 🌟  Thank you Jane x Christina & Benjamin



I like the swimming that you do with me. Melanie & Caitlin

Fred has excelled since being in swim academy with Julie - she is very good with him but firm in a great way. He does as she asks as he respects her. She always encourages and gives praise as well as areas for improvement. Laura & Fred

Julie is always pleasant and kind and believes in Ava and her ability to do things, even when Ava does not believe in herself! She has made a massive difference to Ava’s confidence levels in the pool and is a huge part of the reason Ava loves swimming and her lessons so much! Ava says - Julie makes all the lessons fun, even when we’re doing hard stuff! Clare & Ava





Lou has given Joey so much confidence. He loves his swimming lessons and Lou brings the best out of my little boy. I am returning to work soon and although I need to change our swimming day, we will be remaining with our number 1 teacher. Nadine & Joseph

Louise is supportive, caring and knows the children she teaches very well. She ensures that the children can succeed in the lesson plans and adapts to their needs when required. I think she's fantastic. Sophie & Lucy

Louise seems to have a gift for remembering all the children as individuals and encouraging each of them to the best of their ability taking into account their personalities including mood on the day(!), likes and dislikes. Thank you Louise. Hannah & Caitlyn

Louise is simply the best! She works so hard, remembers so much about the babies and is generally amazing! Emma & Emmeline

The same reason I always nominate her. Both my children are very different in the water and she is brilliant with them both. Patient with Ollie, and allows Jack to excel. Lovely with every child she teaches- and I’ve seen her teach a lot! Carrie, Ollie & Jack

This teacher deserves this nomination for her outstanding dedication to her job and the passion you see in every lesson. After three weeks of a very upset daughter not liking the water I was ready to give in but Lou showed us both how to love the water and thanks to her hard work I now have a water baby that I can't get out the pool! She's a credit to the Puddle Ducks team! Jessica & Rose



Rachael is an amazing teacher, always makes Aston feel very comfortable in the water even when he’s having an off day, she was also very supportive when I was heavily pregnant doing any activities that involved lifting Aston herself, she’s brilliant couldn’t ask for a better teacher x Abbie & Aston

Rachel's enthusiasm is exceptional. My son Jack has found the transition to little dippers really hard but her positive praise and differentiation of activities is excellent. He is now starting to enjoy swimming again and getting his confidence back again. He was beaming throughout most of the lesson this week and in the past he has been so upset we've had to leave. Thank you so much Rachel! Claire & Jack

Absolutely fantastic! We always leave the class with smiley toddlers and the twins have made so much progress with her, we just live our swimming lessons! Elodie & Elliott



She’s so encouraging and friendly. Emma & Lottie

Kerry is so dedicated to her job, she shows amazing passion to all the children she teaches. Kerry has patience with the children and you can tell she loves what she does. My son adores Kerry and I firmly believe Kerry is one of the reasons he loves the water and Swimming so much!! Please let Kerry win!! Tracy & Cameron

I don't need 150 words...Kerry is fabulous! She has a great enthusiasm and fun nature which makes me and my son enjoy every lesson. Kerry most certainly deserves teacher of the term. Laura & Joe

Kerry expertly handles a class full of very wilful 2 year old boys all intent on trying to out roar and splash each other rather than learning to swim! Amy & Louis

Kerry deserves this award more than any other teacher we've had at Puddle Ducks because she is enthusiastic, approachable and always know her children in the class. she makes the classes fun and packed full of activities. Lauren & Jude

Kerry is a brilliant teacher. Her instructions are really clear. Jasmine is really nervous about going under water but Kerry is really supportive and understanding of her fear but also encouraging. She is really helping to build her confidence in the water. Jasmine really looks forward to her lessons with Kerry. Katie & Jasmine

I was a little worried at first about the change of teacher for Nancy this term but Kerry has welcomed her with open arms. Nancy has always been quite serious in her swimming lessons but now she's laughing and clapping her way through. Kerry's teaching style is friendly and focused. She's always "on it". Not a second of a session is wasted and i really feel that Nancy is getting the most out of all of her time in the water. Thank you Kerry! Lucy & Nancy

Yesterday was Olivia’s first ever swimming lesson and we couldn’t have asked for a teacher as wonderful as Kerry! Kerry was incredibly kind, patient and very understanding of Olivia’s ability. Kerry made Olivia feel happy, relaxed and comfortable in the water and ultimately, Olivia felt she could trust Kerry and not feel frightened despite it being Olivia’s first time. We can’t wait for next weeks lesson with Kerry! Sophie & Olivia



Amazing, supportive, encouraging, patient, enthusiastic. Just brilliant in every way, Rebecca is a fantastic teacher! Liana & Ava-Rose

We started the floaters class in the new year, Rebecca couldn't have been more welcoming. She's great with the babies, always happy and smiley and quick to praise the babies achievements in the pool. I feel at ease and in good hands and Darcie loves kicking and splashing in the pool and we will continue to enjoy our weekly swimming sessions with Rebecca as Darcie progresses through the stages. Kayleigh & Darcie

Beckie is consistently positive and creates an atmosphere of calm and fun. She is enthusiastic and has ensured my granddaughter receives positive feedback. Shirley & Willow

She is so patient and kind with the babies and a fantastic teacher. Vivienne & William



Although Fay has only been teaching our class for a short time she has settled in well with our group. She is enthusiastic and engaging with the children. Parker loves his lessons with Fay. Kerry & Parker

My husband and I have watched Fay grow in confidence as a new swim teacher. With her gentleness and compassion for every child in her lesson we've seen our sons break through barriers. Caleb has the confidence to put his face in the water and will tread with a woggle. Isaiah can't wait to get into his lessons where he confidently does his duckling dives and has come on so well with his kicking. Julie, Caleb & Isaiah 

Fay has been really supportive and has built a good rapport with all three of our children, adapting the lesson to suit their individual abilities. We have found her to approachable and friendly at all times. Sophie & Chloe

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