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Wonderful nominations for our teachers!

Lots of lovely nominations to read......

Thank you to all that nominated for our Teacher of the Term Summer 2017 this time around. We love to read them and our teachers get a real boost when they seem them.


Ann-Marie McMillan

Winning nomination.... "We would like to nominate Ann-Marie as our teacher of the term. We've been with her for a year now and my daughter, Martha really enjoys her lessons. She's also always super excited to see Ann-Marie and gives a cheer each week when we see her in the car park. Recently she's taken to telling everyone who asks about swimming all about Ann-Marie and all the things we do in lessons. Ann-Marie is calm and patient in class whilst always expecting the best from the children. Her high aspirations for each and every child mean that the children really seem to come on in leaps and bounds. Thank you Ann-Marie from Martha and her Mummy. Charlotte & Martha

 Eleanor was never overly confident at diving into the pool​ or jumping in but since we been with Ann-Marie, she has been jumping from standing, sitting, even doing obstacle courses with floats, boxes etc! She no longer worries about going in the water and is excited about our Devon holiday next week ere!! We still have more to work on, but am so proud of what we have done so far​ in advance of school in September! Helen & Eleanor

Eleanor was never overly confident at diving into the pool​ or jumping in but since we been with Ann-Marie, she has been jumping from standing, sitting, even doing obstacle courses with floats, boxes etc! She no longer worries about going in the water and is excited about our Devon holiday next week so we can go to a pool there!! We still have more to work on, but am so proud of what we have done so far​ in advance of school in September! Samantha & Freddie

Ann-Marie teaches both of my children, a Little Dipper and a Kicker. The thing that I appreciate the most is the personalised teaching that happens each week! Ann-Marie takes the time to adapt the different skills we practise in the lessons to meet the ability of each of the children. This enables them to feel as confident and settled to allow them to develop and learn. Ann-Marie also takes the time to ask and remember other details about our lives which gives such a personalised atmosphere in the lessons. What more can we ask for?! Katherine, Joshua & Emily

Ann-Marie has been a brilliant teacher ever since Harriet started in Floaties. Harriet loves going in the water and happily goes to Ann-Marie who is always caring and full of enthusiasm. She gives clear instructions and helps out with any problems. Harriet is full of smiles throughout the lessons and this is all down to Ann-Marie who is helping Harriet to have a love of water. Thank you for being a super teacher. Amy & Harriet

Our eldest daughter as been having swimming lessons with Ann-Marie for 3 years now. Our daughter loves her lessons and has progressed so much, she can't wait to get in the water each week. Ann-Marie is great with the children she makes the lessons fun so the children don't even realize they're learning so much. Ann-Marie is very passionate about teaching the children and this shows in her lessons, she puts in extra effort if the child is struggling and never rushes them to do something they're not ready to do yet. Lauren & Mya



 Jane Leyland

Phoebe loves "Teacher Jane"

Jane has taught Phoebe pretty much for most of her Puddle ducks Journey and now into Swim Academy. Julie & Phoebe

Sammy loves Jane and so do I, she puts everything she has into these lessons and her swimmers ... wouldn't want anyone else! Zoe & Sammy

She is always happy, bubbly and generally loves her job. She is excellent with the children as well as the parents and is the reason.we have continued to come for as long as we have. Charlotte & Jasper

Jane's supportive and nurturing approach has enabled Lily to thrive and thoroughly enjoy each and every swimming lesson - thank you Jane! Julie & Lily

We have had Jane for a few years now and she has been so good with my 3 girls there swimming and confidence has come on so much thanks to jane.
Jane is always so happy 😊 my girls always want to come to swimming lesson as they are so happy with Jane. Stevie, Lillie & Lexie

Amazing teacher given my daughter so much confidence since she started Ava now happily puts her head in the water by herself which I never thought would happen. Lyndsay & Ava

She is always incredibly supporting and kind. Never fails to smile and be happy. Oscar loves his lessons with Jane. Samantha & Oscar

Jane is simply brilliant with the whole class, we both love her and couldn't ask for more!! Emma & Martha

Jane is amazing!!! Josh has struggled with submersions over the past couple of months and has generally not wanted to even go to a Jane as he has been suffering with separation anxiety but Jane has made an extra effort to bond with Josh and now he smiles at her all the time and is happy to go to her. Jane is so amazing at taking time to get to know every child and she even recognised him in the supermarket when I wasn't with him! I will have to move classes in September due to going back to work full time which will mean I will lose Jane as a teacher and I am absolutely gutted!!!! Thank you Jane for being so fantastic! Jessica & Joshua

Jane is an outstanding swimming teacher. Patient, kind, fun, but overall teaches kids to swim. My 3 year old has just spent a week in Greece in the swimming pool... no armbands; swimming like a fish with confidence and loving it - all thanks to Jane. Thank you. X Andrea & Elena

Jane has been Thomas' teacher for years and now she is Olivia's too. Thomas has recently graduated to his next class and is now a confident swimmer. He has recently enjoyed his first holiday of independent swimming. This is entirely due to Jane and her patience, enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you. Alison, Thomas & Olivia




Louise Buxton

Since starting Puddle Ducks with Louise, Edith was unsure of Louise 's new face....however with her confident yet subtle approach she soon won Edith around, Edith now enjoys each lesson and that's thanks to Louise and her approach. Elizabeth & Edith 

Lou is always really helpful she recognises the children's needs. The lessons are always very stimulating and she has such a warm and kind nature, Toby loves going to Lou's class and is really confident in the water because of her teaching. She makes lessons really fun but very well structured and uses the time very well to meet our needs. We're also very confident with Toby in water as parents thanks to Lou's guidance. She's a star. Nichola & Toby

Lou is a motivating, positive and supportive teacher who hasn't taken my son's tears personally and keeps boosting his confidence with positive feedback and high expectations. Thank you and keep up the good work! Jackie & Rex

Lou is a fantastic teacher. She always greets me with a smile and a 'how are you Chloe?' Which makes me feel right at home. When I am in the water her constant reassurance and encouragement makes me feel brave and able to try things that otherwise I would not. She makes the lessons fun and the time really flies. She also helped my daddy to feel welcome when he took over bringing me to class when my mummy was pregnant, which I know he really appreciates. Thanks Lou you're great! Love Chloe xx Jody & Chloe

Louise is a great teacher. She's enthusiastic, positive and friendly. She remembers every child by name and always has time for anyone who's child is finding things a little difficult. Colleen & Josephine 



Tina Bagshaw

Just a wonderful caring person. Tina is so energetic every session. It's about time she had a reward for all her fantastic work! William even asked for her on holiday at the swimming pool. Shows his love for her and her dedicated work. Smiley fun working hard that's Tina. Donna & William

Tina makes every lesson a happy one for every parent and child regardless of confidence or ability! Sophie has gone from hating a bath and all water,to monkey walking at every opportunity and helping to pack her own swimming bag.from tears in her first lesson to now being confident jumping off a float and going off on woggles unaided happily,she's been a difficult tot but Tina's done everything and we both look forward to our lessons.thank you Tina!!xxx Kerriann & Sophie





Kate Stimpson

My daughter is gaining confidence in the pool learning new skills each lesson. She doesn't hesitate in diving for the sinker as I think its because Kate has an calming nature which makes my daughter calm. I think this is really important. Tegwen & Jessica











Donna Taylor

She has great engagement with the children always tailoring her way with the children to each child's needs. Lilly has come on greatly under Donna's tuition and we are very grateful. It will be a shame that she stops teaching as she's the best swimming teacher we've had. Jane & Lilly

My daughter has become so confident in the water due to Donna giving me confidence to let go of her whilst on woggles or on her back. Lottie loves her class and always associates water time with puddle ducks whether in bath or swimming with me away from class. Lisa & Lottie




Julie Lord


Julie has been an amazing teacher for Matthew in swim academy. He loves his lessons but recently he has struggled specifically with forward rolls meaning he was coming out of nearly every class in tears. Julie has supported him every week encouraging him and even getting in the pool to help. Julie has been amazing with his transition to advanced and he is gaining confidence with each week and has a smile again. She always knows how to keep things positive, has a friendly personality and he always keeps Matthew going and also is always happy to answer my questions too. Thank you Julie! Trish & Matthew

We nominate Julie for her consistency every week.And the encouragement she gives to Lilia .even when Lilia shows signs of disheartment,Julie is there with encouragement and ensures Lilia gets back on track. Kate & Lilia

Lexi was going through a bad spell of not wanting to put her face under water, jump in or let go of me to swim to Julie or to the side of the pool and got very upset at times. She wasn't swimming very well with 2 woggles either and was refusing to do a lot of activities. Julie reassured me that it was a phase and suggested trying one woggle instead of two. This has improved her woggle swimming no end. Julie also suggested wearing goggles, which has made a huge difference to her swimming. She'll now get her face wet again, swim without me holding her and with her new found confidence she jumped in off a float for the first time last week - twice! And smiled afterwards! So I'd like to nominate Julie for teacher of the term :) Zoe & Lexi

Julie's enthusiastic, upbeat and supportive approach has enabled Lily to achieve great progress in her swimming skills. Lily is always eager to meet Julie's high expectations in each and every swimming lesson - thank you Julie! Julie & Lily

Julie is an outstanding teacher. She always brings enthusiasm, discipline and humour to classes. She appreciates that each child is different and her varied approach means that everyone in the class benefits. A real pleasure to watch her teach our children. Matthew, Matilda & Isaac

George is always super excited when he arrives for his swimming lesson and I am amazed by how much his confidence and ability has grown over the last few months. he doesn't want to get out of the pool and holds his hands out for Julie to do 1 more swim at the end of the puddle duck song. Julie puts George at his ease and gives him loads of encouragement. Sally & George

Julie is a professional teacher with a warm personality. Julie keeps the toddlers (Mums and Dads 😉) in check. The lessons are fast paced and are differentiated for the abilities in the group as and when it is needed. Really enjoying the swimming and definately seeing the progress. Thank you Julie. X Carole & Amber

She is just fantastic and always so in the ball!! Tina & Harry

Julie is such a happy wonderful inspiring teacher. She is very genuine and always chats to children and parents. Such a joy to watch. Tiina & Viivi


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