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Derbyshire Teacher of the term Autumn 2016 - The nominations

A record 39 nominations this term, thank you to all the parents who nominated Ann-Marie, Jane (Our winner), Julie, Kerry, Lou and Tina ! They are all thrilled !

Teacher of the term nominations Autumn Term 2016


Tina Bagshaw

 Helen and Oliver

Friday mornings are Oliver's favourite time of the week. He is happy and confident in water and simply loves Tina. She is amazing with all the babies and Oliver always has a ready smile for her. I cannot imagine a better teacher. We simply adore her.

Clare and Ava (Joint with Julie Lord)

This has been Ava's first term in swim academy and she was quite nervous about being in the water on her own. Tina and Julie have been brilliant with her, ensuring she has confidence and reassuring her when needed.

Deeann and Lillie

Lillie takes time in gaining people trust. But Tina has been so good with Lillie and understanding and supportive when Lillie doesn’t feel happy doing something she now goes to Tina and looks for her when swimming. She has now started to get over her fears because of the fantastic encouragement Tina has given both Lillie and I during lesson.

Rachel with Milo @ Poppy

 Tina teachers both my children in the same class on a Saturday morning and during their time at puddle ducks they have both had their struggles and wobbles. Recently my son moved up classes and completely lost his confidence to the point we thought of giving up. Tina went out of her way to accommodate us back into the same class as my daughter and gave us lots of support and suggestions to build Milo's confidence back up. She even lent us some different goggles to try and week after week he can't wait to get in the water wearing Tina's goggles! In just 4 lessons he is back to his old ways again swimming independently with his head down. Thank you Tina

Asha and Jack

She's just amazing

Jo and Luke

Tina says helped Luke overcome his fear of submersion in the water - over a few months he has gone from very wary all lessons and tears of submerged to excited as soon as we arrive at the pool, 3 second submersions and giggles and splashes all lesson.

Jo and Riley

 Tina puts so much effort into each class and really connects with the children...riley loves her (Great teacher)


Kerry Dale

 Laura and Joe Dowsett

Kerry is lovely and showed such patience with Joe last term whilst he resisted the water and learning. Now Joe is loving classes and a joy to be in the water with and I believe this is down to Kerry's patience and understanding nature and how she makes the classes fun and enjoyable.

Edwina and Evie

Kerry has been a brilliant teacher for Evie, there was a time Evie used to cry in classes but I was never made to feel a pain or embarrassed and Evie always remained a part of the class regardless which was great for a first- time mom. Evie now loves her classes and has progressed so much and is really confident in the water thanks to Kerry’s support and guidance.

Laura and Lucie

The whole experience of swimming with a baby was brand new to me and Kerry made me feel at ease from the start. Lucie can sometimes fuss during the activities where she is lying on her back; Kerry is aware of this and always provides an alternative if we need it making the classes enjoyable for both me and Lucie. Nothing is too much trouble. Thanks to Kerry's help I can already see a change in Lucie's confidence in water.

 Lauren and Jude

On my catch, up classes she has welcomed me into the group and has a lovely calming nature. She's interacts with the babies so much and I really enjoyed her lessons.

 Jo and James

Kerry really understands James, she knows exactly how to get the best out of him whatever his mood. If he's on one she gives him all the space he needs, and likewise when he's on top form she maximises his enthusiasm to perfection.
He's come on so much since summer and is all down to our wonderful teacher

Sebastian and Philip

She has very good approach to children and always happy with positive attitude.

Stephanie and Scarlett

Such a friendly and competent teacher. Always calm and reassuring, especially when baby is a little grouchy during the classes.
We love attending.
Thank you.

 Lucy and Jenson

 Absolutely amazing teacher! So good with the little ones (and the mums!!) Thank you for everything x

 Peter and Seb

Seb, isn't a confident boy in the water, and hasn't really taken to swimming naturally. He's been slow to progress, and it's been up-setting to watch other children come and go.  However since he's started having Kerry as his teacher his progression is incredible. He actually managed to tread water the other day un-aided and has done his first short distance swimming. Even other instructors who haven't seen him for a while have commented on how far he has come and that Kerry must be doing a great job. I certainly think she's done him proud and you should be very thankful to have her on your squad!


Jane Leyland

Clara and Sam (the winning nomination)

  Jane is fantastic! Her ability to teach both parents and children simultaneously is quite astounding! My Sam has been taught by Jane through kickers, little dippers and now dippers and he loves her! She always makes time for the children, ensuring they are listening, learning, and having fun! Thank you so much Jane for giving both Sam and I the confidence to enjoy the water together. I can see Sam learning to swim and it is all down to your expert teaching and advice.

Kelly and Scarlett

Jane is very friendly and the classes have been great for Scarlett. Jane always makes the class fun and engaging for our little ones and we have all made friends as mummies in the nice small classes.

Anna and Grace

Initially Grace was not a fan of the water with lots of tears and one unhappy baby. Jane was very encouraging and supportive towards myself (I was ready to give up as I had the only baby crying in the class!). Jane has adapted the activities to suit Grace and she now loves being in the water. Thank you very much.

Clare and Amelia

Amelia suffered a real crisis of confidence recently. It was awful to see her so upset in lessons, even saying she didn't want to go swimming anymore. Jane has been amazing. Her patience and gentle encouragement have worked wonders and it is a delight to see Amelia with a big smile on her face in her lessons and enjoying swimming again. This is all down to Jane. Amelia adores her, and trusts her implicitly.

Samantha and Oscar

Since moving to Janes Friday at 12:30 class as a splashed (due to going back to work, previously had Louise who was also brill) I was apprehensive about us having a new teacher and being in a new class but Jane has been warm and welcoming from day 1. She always has a smile on her face and makes Oscars lesson fun and exciting.

Rhiannon and Harrison

Jane is always so full of energy and enthusiasm. Always smiling. I absolutely love our lessons with Jane and feel safe with her at all times. Fantastic teacher who puddle ducks should be very proud to have on their team.

Lucy and Nancy

I started swimming with Nancy when she was only 6 weeks old and felt quite nervous about our first session. Jane immediately put us both at ease in the water with her calm, reassuring manner and friendly smile. She works hard to adapt the lesson for Nancy as she is the youngest in the class, and I trust her completely to get the best out of Nancy and to push her to her potential. A fab teacher!

Eleanor and Martha

Jane is quite simply wonderful. She has really encouraged and supported my little girl this term and the progress we have seen is unbelievable. Martha was a timid and nervous little swimmer but now she is quite the opposite. She adores Jane and can often be heard 'playing Jane and Puddle Ducks' in the bath with her toys!

Jenny and Nansi

Nansi is approaching her second birthday and has been having lessons with puddle ducks since she was 4 weeks old! Nansi has loved it from that day but it all changed When I went back to work during her time in splashers. Nansi was clingy, crying, wouldn't let go of me and wouldn't go to Jane. I really felt like giving up the lessons! seeing Nansi the way she was wasn't enjoyable to say the least! However, Jane was so supportive and reassured me that it would be a phase and Nansi would come out of it the other side. I'm so happy and relieved to say that we have come out the other side and looking forward to be moving into the little dippers class in January. So thank you for your patience and perseverance Jane 😊
Jane is a fantastic teacher and deserves teacher of the term!

Laura and Harriet

Our granddaughter Harriet has attended Puddle Ducks since she was 12 weeks old, she progressed very well at Woodlands but after a move to Raynesway in dippers she completely lost her confidence and just did not want to attend, we decided on another parents recommendation to move her back to little dippers with Jayne at DW, Jayne has been so patient with Harriet and slowly her confidence has returned, she moved back to Dippers and Thanks to Jayne she loves her lessons and can't wait for Mondays, despite a large class Jayne spends time with each swimmer and they all love her, I have recommended her To two friends who I believe have contacted you.
We are so proud of Harriet and her swimming ability and it's all down to Jayne.

Tracy and Polly

Jane is such a friendly, enthusiastic and all round lovely teacher! Polly smiles from start to finish of her Splashers class and amazes me with her ever growing confidence in the water - huge thank you to Puddle Ducks and of course Jane!

 Jenifer and Grayson

Jane is so friendly and puts you at ease. She makes the classes enjoyable and interactive for mothers and baby's

Johanna and Cole

We really look forward to our lessons with Jane - she's so happy and friendly. And even when Cole has been a bit anxious recently she has been very reassuring. I feel confident taking Cole swimming thanks to her.

Michelle and Rowan

Jane is amazing. She is always smiling and enthusiastic. She is gentle with the babies in Splashers and she teaches us so much in our little half an hour class. I feel my baby has moved on after every single one of her sessions. She is an absolute diamond and Rowan and I look forward to seeing her every week

 Sarah and Maya

Encourages all , great patience , warm personality and children thrive in sessions


Julie Lord

Clare and Ava

This has been Ava's first term in swim academy and she was quite nervous about being in the water on her own. Tina and Julie have been brilliant with her, ensuring she has confidence and reassuring her when needed.

Katherine with Benjamin and Jessica

Julie has been amazing with both of our children over the past year, going above and beyond to help them through some tricky times. After an initial great start moving from Dippers to Beginners, Jess suddenly and completely lost her confidence, and it was challenging to even get her into the pool some days. As a parent that was very hard to watch. But Julie was patient, encouraging and just the right amount of 'no nonsense' which Jess responded to really well! It's been amazing seeing her getting back to swimming the way we all knew she could, and we're so proud that she's been able to make the move up to Intermediate this term. Little brother Benjamin has also come on leaps and bounds under Julie's expert tuition and reassurance (though he's still not sure about those seahorses!) and his swimming lesson is very much the highlight of his week. Julie always takes time to give individual suggestions and praise even when the class is busy - we all think she's fab!

Kate and Lilia

Julie has encouraged Lilia to swim since January this year ,Lilia has previously lacked confidence in the pool ,but with Julie's determination she has bought Lilia on so much and thoroughly deserves recognition for her patience and hard work with her .thank you Julie


Louise Buxton

Emma and Lois

Really good and supporting parents and their children even when they are very upset, supports them to feel comfortable and reassured in the water! Lois has come on loads since being in the classes with Louise! Lois absolutely loves swimming and water in general and is now comfortable with Louise as her teacher! Really pleased with everything! Thanks Louise and Puddle Ducks! 😊

Amy and Louis

Louise has a wonderfully relaxed style and can really relate to the babies and toddlers (which i think is amazing considering Lou Is only 1)

We have had to move classes due to me returning to work and although our new teacher is good we miss Louise’s stories, the way she sings the songs and her high fiving not to mention her fabulous teaching style!

Louise made it a joy to come swimming (as it is hard work to cart a toddler to and from a swimming baths!) And my son benefited greatly from Louise being our teacher.


Amy and Harriet

Ann Marie has been fantastic since we started in floaties. She is always cheerful, friendly, and supportive. She explains clearly and adapts the activities to suit each child if they are not happy. She explains why we are doing different moves and is always positive. Harriet loves her lessons. Thank you

Sarah and Charlotte

She makes us feel so comfortable and welcome to our classes and has a good sense of humour!!

Ninder and Taran

Taran and myself would like to nominate Anne Marie for the above. Taran has come along way and Anne Marie is the reason for this. She has helped Taran tirelessly and transformed a child who was scared  of getting water on his face to a child that confidently puts his head under water. Her friendly approach is key as Taran sees Anne Marie as his friend who helped him overcome what was a fear through endless persistence. Helping a child overcome a phobia can only be done by those who are special and even if Anne Marie isn't selected for the above she will forever be a star for Taran.