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Swimming Stars of the Month - April

Each month our teachers nominate their Swimming Star!

Well done to our Swimming Stars of the month for April! 

  • Mia: who swims in our Swim Academy classes at Willow Lodge, Bubwith, nominated by teacher Lauren

When Mia started swimming she was very nervous and we spent months encouraging her face to go in the water. She has come through the programme and is now a Level 4 in Swim Academy, where she has recently completed her 10m swim with rolls to breath. It is such a huge achievement for somebody who started so nervous! Well done Mia, you can be super proud of yourself!

  • Addyson: who swims in our Baby and Pre-school classes at John Whitgift Academy, Grimsby, nominated by teacher Nikki 

Addyson started with us clinging onto mum and not wanting to do anything. Each week she has gone from strength to strength. She first started by letting go of mum and holding onto the wall, Then reaching towards mum. Once this confidence came, she started exploring more, but the best part was seeing Addyson blowing bubbles for the first time over a month ago. But in April she really surprised me by diving and retrieving a ring from the bottom of the pool. Well done Addyson you have done amazing!

  • Nina: who swims in our BAby and Pre-school classes at Signhills Academy, Cleethorpes, nominated by teacher Gill 

Nina is becoming a fabulous Kicker. She's really understanding the signals and key words beautifully now and progressing on every activity across the program. Most importantly she's showing she enjoying what she's doing, I couldn't ask for more.

  • Emma: who swims in our Baby and Pre-School classes at Hilltop School, Maltby, nominated by teacher Madi

I have been absolutely blown away by Emma in the last couple of months. She has gone from strength to strength, trying everything we ask of her. She has never been one to be comfortable putting her head underwater. So she has developed a beautiful head up swim. However she began today with head down bubbles, then finished with a dive to the pool floor to collect a sinking ring!!! We were all so proud of you and I really hope you were proud too!

  • Albi: who swims in our Baby and Pre-School classes at Heatherwood School, Doncaster, nominated by teacher Sarah

Albi amazes me every week with his enthusiasm in lesson's. He consistently swims head down, his jumping in is brilliant, the list is endless, he puts so much effort into everything he does. Albi is an absolute pleasure to teach. Looking forward to seeing his progression in Dippers.

  • Isabel: who swims in our Baby and Pre-School classes at Oak House, Tickhill, nominated by teacher Clair

Isabel your confidence has grown so much in such a short time, you have amazed me. Head down swims, reaching for the rings and fabulous bubbles! You are doing so well, keep going you are doing brilliantly. I am so proud of you!



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