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Swimming Stars of the Month - March!

Well done to the following Swimming Stars...

It's time to announce our Swimming Stars of the Month for March! 

Each swimming star will receive a certificate in class.

Congratulations to...

  • Joseph, nominated by teacher Madi, who swims with us at Heatherwood School. 

Joseph is currently a Splasher and already his confidence in water is amazing! He turns up to class every week with the biggest smile which is infectious. His love of water is helping other Splashers in his class too! He has had a few hurdles along the way, such as jumping in, however now he has started doing some beautiful jumps. He takes everything in his stride and I can't wait to see him in Kickers where he can progress even further! Exciting times ahead Josph and a big well done. 

  • Elsie, nominated by teacher Sally, who swims with us at Willow Lodge. 

It has been wonderful to watch her getting more confident and relaxed being in the water. Well done Elsie (and Mum too!) 

  • Cole, nominated by teacher Nikki, who swims with us at Treetops Cottages. 

Cole has gone from strength to strength. He is now independently swimming on two short woggles, turning, blowing bubbles and adding reaching arms. He is also trying really hard at putting his feet up on the wall independently for a push and glide. His confidence is amazing to see. I am super proud of him. Well done Cole! 

  • Josie-Leigh, nominated by Sarah, who swims with us at Aegir School, Gainsborough

Last term Josie-Leigh seemed to lose confidence in the water making it quite difficult to get her to enjoy the activities. However Dad's perseverance has paid off! She has now decided she really wants to move up to Dippers and has tried really hard this last few weeks. She seems to have thrown herself into lessons and is eager to learn. Josie-Leigh is now much happier putting her face in the water, she is even eagerly reaching down for objects, she has progressed to one woggle and is managing to stay on through warm ups with beautiful kicking legs and bubbles, she is also doing some beautiful independent swims. I am really proud of Josie-Leigh if she carries on with this determination she will be a Dipper in no time.

  • Cody, nominated by teacher Clair, who swims with us at Willow Lodge Bubwith. 

Cody, your confidence has grown so much in the last few weeks. I am so proud of you. Push and turns to Mummy, Bubbles, Swimming on your woggles and lots of lovely smiles! Well done Cody! 

  • Isaac S, nominated by teacher Lauren who swims with us at Willow Lodge, Bubwith.

Week in, week out, Isaac comes to the lesson happy ready to swim. Over the last few weeks he is putting his head down and is able to move himself through the water. At not even 2 and half, Isaac this is such a huge achievement. Keep swimming and smiling Isaac!

  • Esther, nominated by teacher Rebecca who swims with us at Oak House.

I have taught Esther since she was a small baby and now she has just moved into Little Dippers, Esther is such a character and makes me laugh every week! Swimming is definitely Esther's thing as she just seems to progress every week. There is nothing in lessons that she had difficulty with. She is a natural! Keep being a superstar Esther!

  • Scarlett, nominated by teacher Rebecca, who swims with us at Oak House. 

Scarlett came to me a very nervous little girl when it came to being in the pool, but she has amazed me at how far she has come in such a short space of time. Scarlett definitely has the ability to do some amazing swimming when her nerves don't get in the way. Every week she is getting more and more confident and it is really great to see! Keep going Scarlett you are doing amazing!! 

  • Cory, nominated by teacher Gill, who swims with us at John Whitgift Academy 

Cory has impressed me this month because he's been fantastically responsive to all actions and signals. He's always happy in the water but we've manged to engage his imagination which has just made him flourish, I'm so pleased with his progressions lately. Well done Cory.

  • Noah, nominated by teacher Emily, who swims with us at Oak House 

Noah never gives up and listens to everything that is said to him. He gives it his best every single lesson and his efforts have been rewarded by moving into Level 2 and achieving his 5m. Well Done Noah!


Well done to all of our Swimming Stars!! 

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