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Talk to Puddle: A Day in the Life of a Swimming Teacher

Puddle the Duck asks one of our baby and preschool swimming teachers what their typical day looks like!

Liz Woolloff has been teaching with Puddle Ducks Doncaster for x years. 

Puddle the Duck asks her what a typical day as one of our baby and pre-school teachers looks like! 

Puddle: So Liz, how do you start your day? 

Liz: I try to get my two young boys out of bed ready for school and nursery, but they like their sleep a little too much! We take our two boxer dogs, who are totally bonkers, out for a walk to start the day.  I pack my registers and make sure I have all the emergency documents relating to the pool at which i'm working that day. Each evening before work, I check through the activities for the week and read through the manual to ensure everything is spot on - this helps provide a smoother class, without me having to refer to my plans throughout! I have a quick check through to see if I have any new customers starting or any catch-up sessions from customers with another teacher or pool as I like to be able to welcome them to my class and establish their confidence levels, then I load my car with equipment, drop my boys off and head to the pool. 

Puddle: Do you carry a lot of equipment with you? 

Liz: Yes! Lots and it does take a while to unload everything and set it all up at the side of the pool. I need ten pairs of hands. At some pools we have Poolside Assistants who are invaluable and it's great to have their support. I have quite a routine, which includes placement of a safety poster, roping off the deep end of the pool, taking the pools water temperature and air temperature and making sure everything is okay and within our guidelines for running the class. I then carry out a risk assessment of the venue to ensure the safety of everyone in the pool. 

Puddle: A lot to do even before the class is started! 

Liz: It's a good routine and it means that when customers arrive, I can guide them in to the pool in the safe and correct entrance for their age group and we can get started on our lesson promptly. It's hard not to smile throughout all my classes as I really love every single one! 

Puddle: How about at the end of your swimming classes? 

Liz: I wait until everyone has left the pool and then it's tidy up time. I get everything ready to take home. I think a lot of customers may think that we leave equipment at the pool, but no, it comes back and forth to each class with us and we have a lot of pride in taking care of it:-) I always do a final check of the changing rooms to make sure everything is okay and no items have been left. When I get home, I unload my equipment - we have a cleaning rota, so if it is my turn to clean it, that is done straight away. I then log on to my teacher database to update my registers from that day and also to mark any criteria that any of my little Puddle Ducks might have reached that day. I love the opportunity to reflect on little milestones the babies and children have made and it does give me a sense of job satisfaction when they do something for the first time, like a submersion or jumping in. 

Puddle: Tell us the best thing about your day? 

Liz: I have two best things...Seeing all the children in my classes progressing each week and the smiles on their faces, then returning home to my two boys smiley faces! Puddle Ducks gives me a great work-life balance and I love it:-) 

Puddle: What does the rest of the day entail? 

Liz: Currently, I am studying for my STA level 2 award, so once I have finished classes for the day and before I pick up my children, I make the most of a peaceful couple of hours by studying for my course. I love doing this course and am excited for what the future with Puddle Ducks Doncaster & South Humberside holds!

Puddle: Thanks Liz! 

Liz teaches at our pools in Epworth and Gainsborough. 

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