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Underwater Photo Shoot

Our next under water photo shoot will take place on the 24th June at Epworth Pool...

We are excited to announce that our next underwater photo shoot is coming soon! 

It will be held on Saturday 24th June at Epworth Pool and we are looking forward to getting some fantastic underwater shots of our little Puddle Ducks. 

Contact us on 07884 933789, email us or register your interest below and we will be in touch. 

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If you haven't done an underwater photo shoot before, here is some information about what happens on the day...

Puddle Ducks photo shoots - all you need to know 

About the shoot

  • photo shoots are split into 20 minute slots, each with a maximum of five babies
  • While you wait for your turn with the photographer, a Puddle Ducks teacher will be in the pool and do a mini-lesson so that you and your baby feel relaxed and enjoy the day
  • Each baby will have a minimum of three submersions with our specially trained Puddle Ducks submersion teacher and the photographer 
  • You are welcome to have a photo with your baby or just have them on their own
  • There is a minimum requirement of one adult per child, so if you have booked siblings together please bring along another adult
  • The booking fee covers the cost of the session and does not include any prints 

Who should attend?

Your teacher will be able to advise if your child is ready for underwater photography, but these are useful guidelines:


  • Floaties and Splashers are usually very comfortable during the session
  • We’d advise bringing your babies when they’re at least 10 weeks old, as they can’t hold their heads up before then so it’s harder to get a great photo
  • Dippers and Dabblers usually love swimming under the water towards their parents and are unfazed by the photographer - these are often the best photos with lots of smiles.

Probably not...

  • Kickers and Little Dippers don’t tend to be as happy because: They’re less likely to enjoy submersion at this stage. They can feel intimidated by the camera and/or photographer and they don’t like being handled by a teacher they are not familiar with.
  • We would therefore not recommend a Kicker or Little Dipper attends an underwater photo shoot UNLESS you are very confident that the child will enjoy the experience (action photos at the over-water sessions would be wonderful!)

About our photographers 

Over the last five years, Puddle Ducks has worked in partnership with Colex Photography, who perform all of our underwater shoots. This relationship ensures peace of mind:

  • Before being allowed to take photos during our shoots, Colex photographers have been CRB checked and have also passed our swimming teacher training Quality of photos, from both the set up and equipment, to the extensive knowledge of working with babies to capture beautiful underwater photos The photographer is supported by one of our senior teachers, who has received additional submersion training to ensure you baby is not only safe and happy, but also improve the likelihood of getting a fabulous photo

Viewing your images

After the photo shoot (usually within 72 hours) you will receive log-in details from Colex Photography to view the photos from your slot online. Please note, you will see the images from the whole 20 minute slot, including other children. You may order photos at any time within a month of the photo shoot. 

  • Place an order within 14 days and a 10% discount will be applied! 

Do get in touch if you have any more questions and require further information. Our underwater photo shoots are a firm favourite with many of our parents and the photos are something to cherish for many years after they are taken. 

Take a look at our photo gallery here 

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