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Timetable- Willow Lodge, Bubwith

Upcoming holiday dates (inclusive)


Monday 18th February 2019 - Sunday 24th February 2019


All timetables are correct at time of publishing. Any changes to your class times will be communicated to you by your local office either by phone or email.




Meet the teachers at Willow Lodge

  • Vicky Gravel

    Vicky Gravel

    Senior Baby & Pre-school/Swim Academy teacher

    I joined the Puddle Ducks team in April 2016 and currently teach Swim Academy at Oak House and Willow Lodge, and Baby & Pre-School classes at Epworth, Oak House and Willow Lodge. 

    Prior to becoming a swimming teacher, I was a Sales advisor in a bank. The best bit about my job now is the swimmers! Also the fact that I get to act like a big kid and have so much fun at work, it never feels like work and I enjoy every lesson every week! I just love it! I would live in water if I could. I like to run too and often come to work red faced (especially Dippers on a Tuesday!) as a result.

    I have two children, a boy (3) and a girl (4) and a dog called Coco. I'm not sure which out of the three is the craziest! I also love food - My husband is a Chef, so i'm always eating! 

  • Emily Hembry

    Swim Academy teacher

    I joined Puddle Ducks as a Teacher in September 2018, after bringing both of my sons to their classes for the last three years - since they were 12 weeks old. They absolutely loved their classes and so did I! 

    I teach Swim Academy classes at Willow Lodge, Bubwith and Oak House, Tickhill. 

    Prior to joining Puddle Ducks, I was a driving instructor, however swimming has always been a big part of my life and I have taught children to swim for most of my adult life. 

    Apart from loving being in the water and swimming in general, the best bit is seeing the enjoyment children get out of swimming, as well as learning a valuable life skill. There is no better job satisfaction than seeing a child who may be nervous in the water, progress to swimming independently.

    I am a mum of two boys aged 1 and 3, so pretty much all of my time is spent with them. I love to go to new places and do lots of activities with them. I've always loved to swim, including swimming competitively in open water, so working for Puddle Ducks is my perfect job! 

  • Lauren Rice

    Baby & Preschool/Swim Academy teacher

    I joined Puddle Ducks in 2015 and I teach Baby & Pre-school and Swim Academy classes. 

    Before becoming a swimming teacher, I took my eldest child to swimming lessons and loved it. I decided to train up and haven't looked back since! My favourite part of the job is meeting all the lovely children and building and creating a trusted relationship with them. There is nothing more special than having a child join you as a Floatie and seeing them progress to achieving their 5m in Dippers! It's definitely the best job in the world. 

    I have two children and one puppy. If i'm not in the pool we are outdoors with our wellies on jumping in puddles! (So always wet somehow!)


  • Clair Tingley

    Baby & Pre-school teacher