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Welcome Packs

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Learning to swim is a journey, and along every journey there are milestones, which is why each new swimmer that joins Puddle Ducks Baby & Pre-school or Swim Academy lessons gets sent a lovely Welcome Pack featuring a set of Swimming Star Cards (as well as a gift for your little one).

Children learn through repetition, and because of this your swimmers will do each activity several times in lessons before they nail it. These Swimming Star Cards aren't for the first time your child does an activity, they're for every time they're an absolute swimming star and try their hardest, which is why there's space for a date that you can wipe clean and use again and again. You can also look ahead to see what other milestones they will hit on their swimming journey.

Once you've got a picture of your swimming star, we'd love you to upload it on social media and include the hashtag #swimmingmilestones, and we'll help you show off by sharing it!



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