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The Swimming Experts

Meet our East Kent Team

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  • Caroline and Victoria

    Caroline and Victoria


    Victoria and Caroline are the Franchisees behind Puddle Ducks East Kent since taking on the task back in 2015!


    Prior to taking on this exciting challenge, both Victoria and Caroline held other roles within Puddle Ducks; Victoria is fully-qualified as a Baby & Pre-School, Aquanatal and Swim Academy Teacher. Caroline is fully-qualified in our Baby & Pre-School Classes, and has also held a prestigious role with Duck HQ as a Programme Assessor.


    Now in their fourth year of being Franchisees, Victoria and Caroline welcome new additions to our ever-growing team and continue to expand our franchise into new pools and locations across East Kent. Determined to provide Puddle Ducks classes at the highest quality, Victoria and Caroline hope that you will come, swim and see for yourself!

  • Alison


    Office Manager

    Alison is our Office Manager, and after expanding and moving to a new site back in early 2017, was one of the newest additions to the team. Alison brings her management expertise, people-skills, love of spreadsheets & to-do lists, and lots of fun to the office to keep everyone on task and working hard every day! In her down time, Alison is enjoying all things Disney and Marvel with her two beautiful children.

  • Leanne


    Senior Teacher

    Adding ‘Senior Teacher’ to her list, Leanne is also fully qualified in teaching our Baby & Pre-School, Aquanatal and Swim Academy programmes! Leanne teaches at St Lawrence College, Wellesley House School and Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool!


    “Leanne was my Aquanatal teacher and now my daughter’s teacher, in both classes she was hugely supportive particularly as I had a lot of pain problems in pregnancy, on a number of occasions she had to help me out of the pool and into the changing room and did so without making me feel embarrassed. She’s always encouraging and makes you feel comfortable and confident during every part of the class, especially the daunting bits like submerging your 6-week-old for the first time! My now 11-week-old isn’t fazed by going under the water and I owe that to Leanne’s calm and encouraging nature. We love Leanne and am so happy she is a part of my baby girl’s swimming journey!”

  • Jenna


    Senior Teacher

    In addition to her new Senior Teaching Role, Jenna also teaches Swim Academy, designed for Primary School-aged children. Jenna works at many different pools across Kent, including Westlands Primary School, Spindles Grand Burstin Hotel, Sutton Valence and Kent Science Park.


    "Amelia loves her swimming lessons. Even with a full class of excited children Jenna still finds the time to engage them all individually. Her words of personal encouragement make Amelia feel special and have made a real difference to her."

  • Daisy


    Senior Teacher

    Daisy joined the team towards the end of 2017, and since then has gone on to win the hearts of her swimmers and her first ever local Teacher of the Term competition in Spring 2018! In addition to her Senior Teacher role, Daisy is one of our Baby & Pre-School teachers, and teaches at Abbey Court School, Hilltop Primary School, Bridgewood Manor Hotel, Westlands Primary School and Kent Science Park!


    “Daisy makes all the lessons informative and fun, welcoming new people whilst progressing seamlessly with familiar faces. Leo absolutely loves his lessons and happily demonstrates techniques with Daisy. I only recently found out that Daisy is a new teacher - she comes across as a seasoned pro!”.

  • Jenny


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Jenny has been part of the team for 4 years now, and can be found teaching our Baby & Pre-School classes at Ashford Friars Prep-School and William Harvey Hospital.


    “When I first came to Puddle Ducks I was worried as Joseph was premature and we went through a tough time. We came when he was 12 weeks I told Jenny our story and she has been so supportive, and Joseph loves the water and his classes. Thank you!”

  • Charmaine


    Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy Teacher

    Charmaine is fully qualified in our Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy programmes, and currently teaches Baby & Pre-School classes at Birchington Vale, Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool, DW Fitness and Kent & Canterbury Hospital.


    “We have swum with Charmaine for a while now and Florrie just loves her! She is patient and kind - all the class respond so well to her. We had some time without Charmaine and missed her so much that we waited for the new pool to open! Florrie talks about her all the time (especially in the bath) saying ‘Charmaine will be proud of me!” as she blows bubbles!”

  • Katie


    Baby & Pre-School, Swim Academy & Aquanatal Teacher

    Fully qualified as a Baby & Pre-School, Swim Academy and Aquanatal Teacher, Katie has many dedicated swimmers who are thriving under her teaching! Katie teaches across Kent at Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool, DW Fitness, QEQM Hospital, Spindles Grand Burstin Hotel and The Duke of York Royal Military School.


    “Katie’s positive, supportive and encouraging teaching ensures that regardless of ability every child has an opportunity to develop and grow with their swimming.”

  • Lisa


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Qualified in our Baby & Pre-School programme, Lisa teaches our Floaties through to Dabblers classes! You can find Lisa teaching at The Wyvern School in Ashford!


    Lisa is an amazing teacher. When she first started teaching Florence she was very nervous and unsure but now she’s so happy in the water and has even moved up to Kickers and that’s all thanks to Lisa!”.

  • Laura


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Laura qualified as a Baby & Pre-School teacher back in the Summer of 2017 and teaches our Baby & Pre-School classes at Spindles Grand Burstin Hotel and Kent Science Park!


    "It was so wonderful to see Laura again. My son lit up when he saw her, she is an amazing Teacher!"

  • Charley


    Swim Academy and Aquanatal Teacher

    Back in 2017, Charley added to her Poolsiding shifts and decided that she wanted to work in the pool, too! Now also teaching Swim Academy and Aquanatal classes, Charley has lessons at Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool, St Lawrence College, Wellesley House School, Christ Church CEP Academy, Spindles Grand Burstin Hotel and DW Fitness.


    Charley is always a positive happy addition to the lessons. She gets to know the children, pays full attention to the lessons and congratulates the children on any accomplishments they make. She is a real breath of fresh air!”.

  • Melissa


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Melissa joined the team back in 2017 and is a fully qualified teacher in our Baby & Pre-School programme. Melissa has been a welcomed addition, and delivers fantastic Puddle Ducks’ lessons at Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool and St Lawrence College!


    "Melissa is amazing. Friendly, kind and great with the children making them believe they can do it. Challenging children when needed and still making swimming fun and enjoyable!"

  • Chloe


    Swim Academy Teacher

    Chloe will be a familiar face for some of you, as she is a Poolside Assistant at Westlands Primary School and Kent Science Park. Chloe is now also a Swim Academy Teacher at Sutton Valence, Christ Church and Duke of York.

  • Tina


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Tina is our most recent addition, fully qualifying as a Baby & Pre-School Teacher in December 2018! Tina is teaching at Hilltop Primary Academy in Strood and Duke of York Royal Military School in Dover.

  • Our Poolside Assistants

    Our Poolside Assistants

    Laurie, Katye, Ella H, Ella C, Leila, Chloe, Helen, Mel, Emily and Sonia!

    Our Poolside Assistants are often your first point-of-call when attending one of our lessons, as their friendly faces are there to greet you and help you with any questions you might have.


    Many of our Poolside Assistants balance work around family time, as many of them are raising beautiful children of their own. Some of our team though, take a break from their studies to provide excellent customer service and on-hand help for Teachers, with their Poolside work!

  • Sophie and Laura

    Sophie and Laura

    Our Office Team

    Sophie and Laura are our Office Administrators, and will be your point of contact when enquiring about classes, booking your space and for any queries throughout your Puddle Ducks’ Journey. Here to provide excellent customer service and help you with anything Puddle Ducks-related, these ladies are the friendly voices on the other side of your calls and emails.


    Sophie is a seasoned-pro when it comes to Puddle Ducks and has worked in the office for over 4 years! Outside of the office, Sophie has two beautiful daughter's who are both at primary school!


    Laura left the office to go on maternity leave back in September 2017, and after welcoming her second beautiful daughter on Halloween 2018 is now back, juggling her work life with family life.