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All you need to know – Tewkesbury School

Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 8DF

We can’t wait to welcome you to Puddle Ducks at Tewkesbury School– in the meantime, here’s some information that we hope you find useful. Have a splashtastic time!

Location: Tewkesbury School Sports Centre

Parking:  There is lots of parking at Tewkesbury School. If the sports centre car park is full, you are able to use the school parking also and walk to the Sports Centre buildings.

Essential information: As sessions are out of school hours, you will be able to park in either the sports centre or main car park (gates will be open). Follow signage to the Swimming Pool. The pool will be unlocked if the Puddle Ducks teacher is on site and changing rooms are off the entrance hall. Please do not go poolside before the Teacher is present.

You can find lots more useful information about attending our swim classes on our FAQs page

Changing Rooms:

There are male and female changing rooms, each with toilet and shower facilities. Pegs and benches can be used to store items when in the pool, but please keep things tidy for the other classes. There are no lockers, so you can bring valuables poolside.


Spectators are welcome to sit on the benches by the side of the pool.

Technical Information:

Pool temperature: 30°C
Depth - 1m - 3m. Gradual slope from 1m - 1.8m then big drop to 3m
Maximum class ratios:
15 aqua natal customers to 1 teacher.


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