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Record number of nominations for Teacher of the term

Record Number of nominations for our fabulous teachers!

A Huge Thank you to everyone who put forward nominations of your teachers for teacher of the term, it really does mean such a lot to our teachers to know how much you adore them!!

Here are the nominations we received....

Beck was incredibly welcoming when we started with our five week old twins at Floaties. She made all of us feel at ease straight away in the water. The fact that Thomas and Ruby are smaller means they needed a bit of extra help at the start, from a recommendation of wetsuits to lots of extra cuddles and bouncing. Beck helped us through those first few months especially with submersion and moving around the pool. Now they're a little bigger they have more confidence, actually enjoy going under the water and are much more relaxed in the pool, as are my mum and I when we take them! I'm so grateful that she's helped the twins off to a great start as Puddle Ducks! Thank you. Beck (Sarah, Thomas and Ruby)

I would like to Nominate Beck as she has been fantastic restoring Jacobs confidence prior to coming back to puddleducks he wouldn't even get in the pool without a battle and now he asks every day if it is a swimming day as he loves it so much. Thank you, please let me know if you can take this as a nomination or if I need to do anything else. Beck (Donna and Jacob)

Becks has been teaching Oliver for a couple of years now and Rosie since she started with puddleducks in splashers last year. She's always managed to get the best out of both our children, is always cheerful and seems to have a special way of connecting with everyone in the pool. She has been especially patient and understanding of Oliver who hasn't always been the easiest to teach and often finds some situations a bit daunting while lacking the confidence to try new things. She's managed to build up his trust in her and improvises to ensure he can still take part in the lessons alongside the others. She recognises which situations Oliver is better in and those where he may not participate as much. I was so touched when we received a text on the morning of a lesson letting us know that Becks had considered Oliver when the pool was a bit cooler than he usually likes so that we could decide whether to take him or go to another session in a warmer pool. It means the world to us that Becks has such patience and understanding. (Julia, Oliver and Rosie)

I would like to nominate heather (stoke rochford Saturday). When my daughter first started swimming in September she was petrified of swimming now only 10 weeks on my daughter has achieved her 5 metre badge and coming on so well. She has now started swapping from front to back swimming, she jumps in the water now and shows a massive improvement and all down to heather. Heather (Kelly and Caitlin)

We would like to nominate Julie as she has really supported me and my baby throughout our swimming lessons. I have nerve damage in one of my arms which is very limiting, and she always helps me to adapt activities so that I can manage. It takes away any anxiety I might have about not being able to keep up and makes it much more enjoyable and relaxing for me and my baby. Also she knows all of the children in her groups so well and how to best engage them. We think she is brilliant. (Belinda and Philippa)

We have had Julie as a teacher for over a year but this term she teaches both our children. Julie is able to adapt her teaching style accordingly and has a genuine love of children that shows in her teaching style. She is really calming with the babies, making the lessons a bonding session whilst with the older ones she has them getting excited about getting in the water and continues a whole lesson of fun! Julie is able to make everyone in the class feel like they have her attention at all times, even when it's a busy noisy class. An example my eldest was diving to the bottom of the pool, but didn't like it. He started to get upset but Julie was there to make the task fun again, got him smiling and then gave the whole group hi fives for being fantastic. Julie
Willima Baker We would like to nominate Julie from Queens Park in Lincoln. William has been with her for the best part of two years and Julie has always made sure William enjoys the lessons. She does a superb job and really knows and cares about the kids in her classes. (Becky, Harry and James)

Isla and I have had a very challenging first Dippers term. Isla has been swimming with Puddleducks since she was 8 weeks old and had always loved the water, we have had a case of the water wobbles mixed with the terrible 2's since moving up to dippers in September. We have not known from week to week how Isla would react to her swimming lesson but each week Julie has been amazing, so thoughtful and supportive both to Isla and myself as there has been tears from both of us! She has adapted the lessons to help Isla regain her confidence and her love of the water and in last weeks lesson we finally saw a huge improvement with Isla joining in with everything whilst laughing and smiling! I just want to say a massive thank you to Julie for making both Isla and I happy Puddleducks again!! ( Lisa and Isla)

Could I nominate Julie Brooks for teacher of the term. Julie is a fantastic teacher,  her teaching has allowed my daughter Evelyns confidence and ability to grow leaps and bounds, I would never have imagined she'd be swimming as well as she is at the age of 3 and moving to Dabblers soon. My daughter has had a few water wobbles over the years and Julie has been brilliant helping her through these. We will be sad when Evelyn moves classes and she no longer has Julie as her teacher. ( Ellen and Evelyn)

Once again I'd like to nominate Nick who teaches our little girl Martha at DW Fitness. Nick is an utterly amazing swimming teacher, he always goes the extra mile to make both parents and children feel relaxed and safe in the water. I've seen him work his magic with so many children.. Martha included! Since she has been swimming with Nick she has gone from strength to strength and he continues to boost her confidence every week. Nick has been so wonderful at helping her Grandad too as he has started swimming with Martha.. Nick gets the thumbs up every week from him too!! We always know the impact Nick has on Martha.. she gets so excited in the changing room when she hears his voice from the pool with the group before.. 'hello Nick!' She always shouts enthusiastically!! A big thank you to Nick for all he does!!! (Vicky and Martha)

I'd like to nominate Nick from DW Lincoln. He teaches my daughter who is in his floaties class. He made us both totally relaxed and at ease in class from day 1. He makes a real effort to make parents feel comfortable too! He's quite a big guy but he's like a big teddy bear with a great singing voice! Because of him my daughter is so confident in the water & I have recommended his class to many mummy friends! (Jemma and Millicent)

I have only been doing the classes for one year but have been astounded at the quality of teaching that Nick delivers. Nick is not only a teacher of the children but also the parents. He ensures the children learn through play and laughter, and teaches the parents how to assist their children to the best advantage when out of the classes and alone. My daughter is going through a period of resisting everything at the moment, Nick is very patient and understanding of her behaviour. I have not, at any point, felt embarrassed or uncomfortable attending the classes whilst she is like this and it is entirely down to Nick's management of the situation. Finally, I feel my daughter is safe during the classes. I am not a confident swimmer at all and do not really like the water and having someone there who one can rely on if, God forbid, anything untoward did happen, takes a great deal of stress out of the experience for me. (Louise and Florence)

We were slightly unsure of starting Christina on the swimming lesson when she is only a under 3 month old. However, the first class with Nick Exley convinced us completely. He is a patient, caring and passionate instructor who has a great approach for both parent and child alike. His teaching style is very engaging, composed and organised which makes parents at ease with taking our precious little one in the water with us. Christina has improved leaps and bounds after a term and we could see the difference when someone new came into the group. We have been to catch up classes and even though other teachers are lovely, Christina responds to Nick much better which might be due to his marvellous singing voice which (Yuen and Christina)

I would like to nominate Zoe Jansen for teacher of the term. We have been swimming for some time but started going through a stage where my little girl wasn't enjoying it and was getting upset. We then had Zoe come to teach us at Boston and she really clicked with Bella-Mia so much so we now go to wragby to her.. She gave Bella-Mia back her confidence and really works well with her to get the best from her each week. (Laura and Bella-Mia)

I nominate Zoe as she really does make our swimming experience the highlight of our week by giving my daughter the time, encouragement and phrase she requires to become a confident swimmer. Zoe always has time for each child in the pool and offers different strategies depending on the current ability of the child. She's supportive of the parent too if you are worried or concerned about your child's swimming development. My daughters confidence has grown so much this term and she amazes me every week with how much she's learning. Isabelle can't wait for swimming each week and always asks to "see Zoe and sing 5 little ducks".....this to me, shows the impact Zoe makes through my daughters mind. (Sophie and Isabelle)