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Teacher of the Term - Spring 2018

Puddle Ducks Lincolnshire - Teacher of the Term Spring 2018

Our winner of Teacher of the Term - Spring 2018 is Lisa Leverton!

Lisa was nominated by baby Jack, aged 19 weeks: "I would like to nominate Lisa because without the unwavering help, support and understanding that she gives my Mummy it is unlikely that I would be able to attend swim classes. My Mummy has a physical disability, but Lisa has gone over and above in welcoming us and giving my Mummy the confidence to go to classes with me. I love my Puddle Ducks class so much that even when I am upset or unsettled at home my Mummy and Daddy sing the Puddle Ducks song to me and it makes me all happy and I giggle again. Thank you Lisa for that happy association I have with the song. Lisa has made the classes so much fun and I would never have got the chance to continue to experience that if it wasn't for how brilliant Lisa is with my Mummy"

This nomination was chosen as our winner by Charlotte Goy of Visit Lincoln who said: "I think Lisa deserved to win because she are going above the call of duty helping a little person learn to swim, a life skill which may otherwise not be had due to domestic challenges outside of their control."

Well done Lisa!