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All you need to know – Beacon Hill School

Rising Sun Cottages, Wallsend, NE28 9JW
We can’t wait to welcome you to Puddle Ducks at Beacon Hill School – in the meantime, here’s some information that we hope you find useful. Have a splashtastic time!

Location: Beacon Hill School

Parking: Free parking on the school site. On weekdays, the car park can get very busy so please allow ample time to get to class and if the car park is full, please park in the surrounding streets. There is a car park at the end of the lane at Rising Sun Cottages (other end to the school) which we are able to use if the school car park is full.

In the school car park, please park in marked bays only. Please do not park in the disabled spaces or in the bus parking area

Please keep hold of your child’s hand and cross the car park at the marked crossings only

Essential Information:

  • We're so lucky to be able to offer classes from the toasty hydro waters at Beacon Hill School, Wallsend
  • Spectators are allowed to sit poolside at this venue but must wear blue shoe covers. Covers are provided at the entrance to the pool hall
  • Please ensure that you use the nappy bins provided in some of the changing areas for disposal of nappies, or take your nappy home with you
  • No food is permitted on the poolside or in the changing rooms, please save your child’s snack until after you have left the pool
  • For weekday classes, the school have kindly requested that you move through reception and down to the pool as quickly as possible once the poolside comes to collect you so as not to disrupt the school day.
  • For weekday classes please do not arrive at the school any more than 15 minutes before your class is due to start
  • WARNING:  Please don’t use the school’s beds or benches for changing your baby – they are raised and there is a real danger of babies rolling off and causing serious injury.  We advise that you bring along a changing mat from home to use to change your baby at floor level
  • Please enter the pool using the main double doors in the corridor only. The doors in the changing rooms that lead on to the poolside cannot be used for access to the pool. Your poolside assistant will be on hand to help and direct you. After your class please use the poolside doors to re-enter the changing rooms by pressing the white exit button next to the door and make sure the door fully closes and locks behind you.
  • A well-fitting neoprene swim nappy must be worn with a disposable swim nappy or one of our environmentally friendly NappyWraps & Liners underneath if your child is in Floaties, Splashers or Kickers and in other programmes if they are not yet fully potty/toilet trained. Why not buy one of our great value Starter Packs which contain everything you need for your swim lesson?
  • All Swim Academy Children must wear swim hats in the pool. You can find these plus our range of goggles and other Swim Accessories here
  • You can find lots more useful information about attending our swim classes on our FAQs page

Changing rooms: There are 3 communal changing rooms which are clearly labelled for male and female carers. Our classes are busy and the changing area has limited space so please be courteous to other parents and don’t leave your belongings on seats or changing tables when you are in the pool

Please try to vacate the changing area as quickly as possible after your class to make room for the next group of parents. This is particularly important if you attend the last class of a Puddle Ducks session as the pool is very well utilised and turnover is tight before the next session.

If you need any assistance at all, our poolside assistant is there to help you and your child so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Exclusivity: Puddle Ducks have exclusive use during hire.



Please arrive at the main entrance 15 minutes before your class is due to start and sign in at reception.

If you find that you are late, our poolside assistant will come back and check but you may find that you have to wait. If you arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your class, you may miss the start of your class but you must wait in reception for our assistant to collect you.


On a weekend the main school will be closed so please use the Community entrance which is to the right of the main entrance.

Technical information:

  • Pool temperature: 34°C   Warm hydro temperature so no need for a baby warmer
  • Poolside assistant: There is a Puddle Ducks poolside assistant  to assist you
  • Depth:  0.9m graduating to 1.2m
  • Maximum class ratios:
    • 10 children/adult pairs:1 teacher  (Baby & Pre-school classes)
    • 8 children: 2 teachers  (Swim Academy classes)

Helping you to make your special time last even longer…that’s the Puddle Ducks’ difference

We like to make life fun and easy for our Puddle Ducks customers so here are some local places we think you and your children may like. You could even meet up before or after the class with your Puddle Ducks classmates.

Closest play-park

There is a playpark nearby at the bottom on Mullen Road. Leaving Beacon Hill School and Rising Sun Cottages, turn right on to Kings Road North. At the cross roads turn right on to Mullen Road. Cross the mini roundabout – the play park is a little further along on the left.

Closest café

There are numerous cafes and restaurants available on the North Shields Fish Quay which is only a few minutes’ drive from the pool

Silverlink Shopping Centre is also only a few minutes’ drive from the pool with restaurants and a coffee shop within Marks and Spencers.