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Our unique approach is an industry first...

Our unique approach is an industry first...

You’ve probably heard us and our swimmers use the phrase ‘The Puddle Ducks Difference’, but what is it that makes our classes so special?


This September, we are embarking on a brand-new approach to baby swimming within our Baby & Pre-School Programme – so what is our unique style? Child-led swimming lessons! Our Technical Director and Head of Teaching, Ali Beckman and her team of Super Teachers at Head Office have spent the last 2 years advancing our programme in line with research developments in infant physiology, infant psychology and technical advances in swimming. What we do and the way we do it is truly ground-breaking and a first in our industry. You can learn more about Ali’s recent work here.


So, what changes will you see in September?

  • Our little-one’s love to mimic their parents, even from a young age, which encourages them to take the first steps towards initiating activities. We see babies as young as 8 weeks of age copy their parents by putting their mouths and faces in the water – the first step in swimming head down.
  • A focus on surface swims, leading to independent swimming. Our swimmers glide through the water with the support of their parents/ guardians rather that pushing or pulling them round the pool
  • There will still be submersions, but they are always elective! Our new lesson plans are far more fluid and whilst submersions are no longer an official activity within the lesson plans, they are encouraged at every possible opportunity if that is what your little-one wants to do.

Check out this video to see all of this in motion!


Keen to join us on this new adventure? Don’t forget that you can join us at any point by booking online or contacting our office on 01252 418250 /

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