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Charity PJ Week

  • At Puddle Ducks we are completely mad about swimming and to prove it we like to encourage all of our swimmers, from the youngest to the oldest to participate three times a year in our very popular Pyjama Week.

    So what does this have to do with learning to swim and what benefit do our babies/children get from this somewhat odd activity? Those with previous experience of life-saving or personal survival classes in their youth may think that they already have the answer and no, it doesn’t include tying knots in the trouser legs of your PJ's, blowing them up, and using them as a life preserver (never done that? I must be showing my age!), though I know many of you know to what we are referring and are smiling with fond memories!).

    Seriously though, any good swimming school will focus on and invest a substantial amount of class time to not just helping you and your child to increase your levels of water confidence and to introduce and develop basic swimming skills in your little one but also to teaching you and your little one great water safety skills, leading to personal survival skills (individuals learning to help themselves in the water) and ultimately life-saving skills (learning how to help others in difficulty in the water). All of our classes have a water safety element to them every week. Our Pyjama Week gives all our swimmers a regular session where the babies/children are exposed to what it might feel like to be in the water with their clothes on. We do not positively encourage our swimmers to jump into the water whenever they can fully clothed – quite the opposite – but we can provide them with the opportunity to see how it would feel to be in the water, following an accidental submersion/fall into water, showing them that they can still swim, practice turning etc.

    In our Summer Pyjama Week, we tie into the STA’s Water Safety Week and we encourage all our swimmers and their adults to browse the materials that STA produce – including some very emotional stories about families who have experienced personal loss through drowning.

    Every autumn sees our annual Charity Pyjama Week where our local Puddle Ducks teams raise money for a cause local to them. We ask for a voluntary donation for those attending the lessons but many of our little swimmers choose to raise sponsorship money for completing a personal survival lesson plan in their pyjamas. Over the last 2 years we have raised more than £105,000!

Our Charity Pyjama Week takes place from Oct 15th to Oct 21st

What to wear for Pyjama Week:

  • Floaties, Splashers & Kickers: sleepsuits or short or long sleeved pyjamas. Don't forget to wear your usual double swim nappies underneath
  • Little Dippers & Dippers: short or long sleeved pyjamas. Don't forget to wear your usual double swim nappies underneath or swimwear if potty trained
  • Dabblers: short sleeved pyjamas
  • All parents/carers involved in pre-school lessons should wear pyjamas.

A top tip is to bring a plastic carrier bag for all the wet pyjamas as they make bags and towels very wet.

What our Pyjama Week teaches:

  • If accidents happen, often it's when fully clothed. We strongly believe it's our duty to ensure that our swimmers know what it feels like to be in water while wearing clothes
  • Even just this short experience will help them to realise that even though they feel heavier, they can still do those all-important reactions of kicking to the surface, turning and reaching for the side
  • We do all of this while making sure your child has lots of fun!

Who are we raising money and taking donations for?

A little bit about what Alfie's Gang does:

Alfie's Gangs biggest project is to provide a variety of different bags to help families in need if their little one makes an early arrival.  These bags provide essential and basic items to families at a time when their priority is their new baby.  Just like full term babies, parents are expected to provide items such as nappies, cotton wool, clothes and blankets.  Tiny items such as micro nappies are hard to find and can make an extremely stressful time even more difficult.

They also make batches of the bags in preparation for the bank holiday rush, a time when staffing in hospital is often low and the amount of families finding themselves in hospitals a long way from home increases, often meaning families struggle to get much needed supplies for their babies.

Donating money and collecting donations for a great cause...

We'd be incredibly grateful if your Puddle Duck could donate money or donate items (see list below) for Alfie's Gang. Here's a reminder of how:

  • We will ask for voluntary donations of £2 per child to come to class in pyjamas (collected at the pool) or a donation of one or more of the following items:
  • Micro nappies ( under 5lb)
  • Muslin squares 

  • Blankets 

  • Cotton wool balls

  • Baby toiletries 

  • Men's and women's toiletries 

  • Tiny baby clothes - vests , baby grows , incubator clothes (Asda and Tesco) 

  • Cereal bars/ snacks 

  • Colouring packs for siblings and small toys 

  • Very Small teddies 

  • Note books pens

All items donated must be new and unused.