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Teacher of the term nominations

Puddle Ducks teacher of the term Summer 2017


Thank you to all of our customers who nominated their teacher Lisa for the Puddle Ducks teacher of the term award! Your kind words are very much appreciated and Lisa has loved reading them all.

Read the nominations in full here:


Lisa has been fantastic from the start with Lennon. She appreciated he was older than the other babies but didn't make things boring for him.

When we approach the pool Lennon gets so excited and he loved the songs sung in the lesson.

Lisa is also great at keeping me calm. Putting him under the water was what I was most nervous about but now I do it no problem!! Nicola & Lennon


Lisa has been such a lovely swim teacher, I have been so impressed with the lessons which change every week. My daughter absolutely adores Lisa and is keen to know what's next - she swims eagerly toward Lisa each time and puts herself forward for the demos - there's literally no stopping her she's so keen! My little girl just has to spot her swim kit and she's trying to get on saying she's off to see Lisa! It's been a fantastic class for us. Jess & Darcy


She was brilliant with all the kids and was very good at helping all the children on an individual basis. Very good manner with the kids. Oliver & Theo