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Star Swimmers Summer 2021

An amazing few months swimming since we returned in April. Huge well done to each and every one of our swimmers.
Each teacher has awarded one swimmer a Cuddly Puddle Duck for their superb achievements this summer. Please find below a quote from each teacher.

Teacher Hollie Richardson Star Swimmer - Hudson Wood
For my star swimmer, I would like to nominate Hudson and his Mummy! :-). When Hudson first came at the beginning of term he was incredibly anxious and uncomfortable with just being in the pool hall. Mummy deserves a star also as she was so patient and strong and knew it would help if she persevered and so continued to bring Hudson. Hudson had a very hard time transitioning into the pool and joining in but with Mummy's love and support each week we had break through after break through. Hudson now faces away from Mummy and let's go to reach out to toys and the wall. Hudson smiles every week and is happy to come into the pool hall and join in now. It has been so wonderful to see this lovely little boy finally relax and enjoy his swimming time with mummy and over come his worries. An absolute joy.

Teacher Claire Bailey - Tobias Hebditch
I am quite simply so proud of all of our amazing swimmers and their parents this term. They have adjusted so well to the lessons and really got on board with the changes we had to make. However, my shining star is Tobias who is a Little Dipper. He is honestly amazing, listens so well so every instruction, tackles anything asked and is now swimming independently on his back – huge well done x

Teacher Leanne Thomas - Sophie Williams
My star swimmer is Sophie Williams. Sophie has swam with me a for a long time and has always enjoyed her lessons, but she used to be so shy which sometimes held her back from trying new things in class. Recently she has really flourished! With a move to Dippers she has continued to get braver and braver trying new things every week and always giving everything her best try which she usually nails! Sophie is a pleasure to teach and seeing her smiley face every Sunday is just lovely. Well done Sophie!

Teacher Emma Holland - Maggie Mower
I want to say well done to each and every one of our little Puddle Ducks for transitioning so well back into the pool after such a long time away and a very strange year! There were quite a few children who I could have nominated but my star swimmer this term is Maggie Mower. After a few very unsettled weeks where Maggie didn’t even enter the pool, she is now happy back in the water, doing face dips, bubbles and even enjoying jumping in by herself. Well done Maggie, keep up the good work!

Teacher Sam Porter - Finley Riches
My star swimmer is Finley Riches. I adore teaching Finley, he’s an absolute joy in class and to watch in the water. He’s a fantastic little swimmer, pushing away from the wall independently and swimming a good few meters, not to forget how he jumps in, resurfaces and initiates his own swims with no help. He really is a little star. Well done Finn!

Teacher Claire Ling (Disney) - Abigail Richardson
This is really tough as all my little Puddle Ducks bring me so much joy to teach, and if I could, I would nominate them all! But for this term, my star swimmer is Abigail Richardson. Abigail had a shaky start but is really starting to gain confidence in the water and had a fantastic week last week! She is now happy to blow her bubbles, turn underwater and even have a little swim from the wall. Keep up the fantastic work Abigail!