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Swimmers Of The Term

Who are our Swimmers of the Term Summer 2017?

Each of our teachers has selected one customer each who they feel should achieve swimmer

of the term. A cuddly Puddle is on its way to each of you – well done!

 Claire Bailey – Marissa Raymond, Kickers, Sports Direct

I would like to nominate Marissa Raymond. When Marissa first started swimming with us, she was

very nervous and wouldn’t even look at me let alone let me handle her. She is now a Kicker and

arrives at her lesson beaming with smiles and so excited about every activity. She loves coming to me

now for swims and is showing real progression. The journey wasn’t smooth at the beginning but I am

so proud of where she got to and can’t wait to see her develop further

Leanne Thomas – Evie Bedford, Little Dippers, Stratton Hall

Evie has been swimming with Puddle Ducks since floaties and was always a happy and confident

swimmer. However at the start of this year when I started teaching Evie she was going through a

stage of low confidence and refused to go under the water. Over the past four months Evie's

confidence has grown so much and she is now a happy head down swimmer who can't get enough of

being under water. Evie is an absolute pleasure to teach and always lightens up the room with her

smile. Well done Evie I'm very proud of you!

 Becky Wright – Ollie Garrard, Dippers, Stratton Hall

Ollie never ceases to amaze me, he will have a go at everything that is asked of him and does it with a

smile on his face. He has progressed so quickly this term and I know he will get that 5m badge in no

time. Well done Ollie.

Sam Porter – Freya Wright, Little Dippers, Tye Farm

Freya joined us for swimming lessons 6 weeks ago, very anxious and nervous of the water. In the pool

she was rigid, didn't like to be splashed and literally held on to mum for dear life. She has slowly

begun to gain confidence, and last week was happily swimming on woggles with minimal support and

to my complete surprise at the end of the lesson last week she asked me to submerge her. She has

come such a long way in such a short space of time, well done Freya!

Hollie Richardson – James Watt, Little Dippers, Stratton Hall

I'd like to nominate James Watt. James came to us very nervous and anxious about getting in the

water and letting go of mummy. In just 8 short weeks James has done so well. He will now blow

bubbles, go on woggles by himself and the biggest challenge of all he will now lay flat on his tummy

and swim to the side of me or mum for our closing song. I am so very proud and impressed with his

bravery. I continue to look forward to progressing him and love seeing him smile in the pool.