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Swimmers of the Term - Autumn 2019

Swimmers of the Term - Autumn 2019

Leanne Thomas - Phoebe Rackman, Kickers, Stratton Hall

Since Phoebe has swam with us she has always been happy but has never wanted to be submerged. Phoebe's confidence has grown so much over the last few weeks and she is much more relaxed in the water and full of smiles. Recently Phoebe made a major breakthrough and was happy and head down on signal and didn't bat an eyelid at being submerged. In fact she chose to do it again and again and even loved belly flops between me and her mummy. Well done Phoebe its so lovely to see you enjoying all elements of you swimming lessons!

Emma Holland - Mabel Pearson, Kickers, Birch Farm

I'd like to nominate Mabel Pearson as my swimmer of the term. She is always a happy character and enjoys her lessons. She has understood the signals from an early age, swimming beautifully with her head down in a flat swimming position. She oozes confidence and is a pleasure to teach.

Hollie Richardson - Isaac Read, Little Dippers, Stratton Hall

I nominate Isaac Read as my swimmer of the term. Zac has worked so hard with his mummy to become a confident head down swimmer. With mums support and determination to help Zac he is on the path to becoming a Dipper. He is a such a pleasure to teach and makes me laugh every week with his cheeky character. He is progressing more and more every week and I couldn't be prouder and more excited for his soon to be Dipper journey

Becky Wright - Mia Rose Tyrell, Splashers, Stratton Hall

Mia started her journey with us on a Tuesday morning but she wasn't at all happy so we suggested a different time of day as often changing the time can make a huge difference. Her grandad did just that, changing to a Tuesday afternoon and she is like a different child, all smiles, kicking her legs, licking the water and now going under which is amazing. You're doing so well Mia xx

Georgie Bennett - Bethany Rowland, Dippers, Birch Farm

Bethany has done so well, this term especially, putting in maximum effort and always listening very carefully. She's worked so hard to master lifting her head and is so nearly there with it, and her diving, turning under water and jumping are brilliant. She's a pleasure to teach.

Sam Porter - Rafferty Sheppard, Little Dippers, Stratton Hall

Rafferty has always seemed like a fearless one, determined to give everything a try but his recent move to Little Dippers just confirms it. Only a few lessons in and he is happily launching from the wall, surface diving and swimming nice distances. All with the most wonderful smile plastered on this face. He is genuinely a pleasure to teach and I'm sure his little brother Dexter who's just started in Splashers will be copying all his moves! Massive well done Rafferty!