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Star Swimmers - Spring 2019 - Well done!

Star Swimmers - Spring 2019 - Well done!

Claire Bailey - Thomas Clodfelter – Kickers, Birch Farm

Thomas has boundless energy! He comes to class full of smiles and splashes! He tackles each activity with enthusiasm and is great fun to teach! A super little swimmer in the making. Great effort Thomas and well done Mum for managing to keep up with him in the pool.

Leanne Thomas – Madeleine Hall – Little Dippers, Stratton Hall

Madeleine has been swimming with Puddle Ducks since she was very young and she always enjoyed the water. A few months ago, shortly after moving into Little Dippers, Madeleine had a bit of a wobble and lost her confidence in going under water, putting her face in and didn’t want to be away from Mum. However now she has even more confidence than she ever had. She is swimming head down, blowing bubbles and kicking which recently saw her swim for 6 seconds independently! I’m so proud of her and seeing her little smiley face in the pool now makes my day!

Becky Wright - Alexandra Moss, Splashers, Stratton Hall

Alexandra loves the water but hasn’t always kicked her legs; she now does some beautiful swims. Her first jumping session after her 1st birthday was totally independent with kicking legs as soon as she went in the water. Well done Alexandra

Sam Porter – Lily-Ella Crump - Kickers, Stratton Hall

When Lily-Ella first joined my Saturday class she was very nervous, head up, would cling to my arm on solo swims and didn't like to sit on the float. Over the last 2 months she’s come on leaps and bounds, starting with face dips, followed by confident jumping from the wall and submerging and now the float. Last week she was happily surface swimming head down to daddy. She’s a pleasure to teach and has come so far. Well done Lily- Ella!

Hollie Richardson - Amelie Constable Simmonds, Kickers, Stratton Hall

My swimmer of the term is Amelie Constable Simmonds. Ami has always loved her swimming but more recently has become an exceptional swimmer. Always reaching and paddling from a-b often coupled with kicking legs and more recently bubbles also. Putting these elements together for a kicker is not always so natural. Ami is also capable of pulling her own weight onto the float and continues to amaze me (and make me smile) with her fierce strength and independence. She is an absolute joy to watch in the water and gives her older brother some serious competition - watch out Reubs.

Georgie Bennett - Mary Bahr – Kickers, Birch Farm

Mary is doing brilliantly; in just a few weeks she has become really confident. Upsy Daisy had been coming swimming too but this week she stayed at home and Mary proved what a great little swimmer she is - almost ready for Little Dippers! Lovely to see her gaining more and more confidence each week.

Emma Holland - Harvey Johnson – Little Dippers, Birch Farm

I’d like to nominate Harvey Johnson from my Monday LD class. Since he started last year I have seen a massive change in his confidence in the water. He has excelled these past few weeks, being confident and swimming independently on his woggles, happy to blow bubbles and put his face in the water and even holding hands in the welcome song. Last week he jumped in independently from standing at the wall. Well done Harvey!