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Here at Puddle Ducks, we offer Baby and Preschool and Swim Academy lessons and we would love to answer any questions you might have. 

Our Baby and Preschool lessons offer your baby a unique sensory experience and develop confidence in the water that lasts a lifetime. With lots of eye and skin-to-skin contact, it’s a wonderful way to bond with your baby where you can really focus on each other and enjoy this magical time together.

We have spent many years carefully developing our progressive lesson plans to develop swimmers, and our teachers adapt activities to suit each child. Classes are taught in lovely warm pools across South West London with a maximum of ten children. Our classes incorporate rhyme, music and movement, based on extensive child development research. As each child is taught at their own pace you can join our Baby and Preschool lessons at any time.

Our Swim Academy classes - Level 1 is often the first time that children enter the pool without their parents and our whole focus is on water confidence, basic water safety and the foundation skills for independent swimming. By Level 2, our children are swimming 5 meters and lifting their head to breathe. We will now work with them to build their confidence further.

Swim Academy classes are taught at the Aspire Centre, Southfields, with a maximum of four children to one teacher. 

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