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Congratulations Maggie! You are our Teacher of the Term for Autumn 2018!

  • We are so pleased to announce that Maggie is our Teacher of the Term winner for Autumn 2018!

    We are so pleased to announce that Maggie is our Teacher of the Term winner for Autumn 2018!

    The wonderful winning nomination was chosen by an independent judge, Olivia from The Butterfly Patch - Daycare Nursery and Preschool from 3 months to 5 years.

    The Butterfly Patch was born from Liv’s dream of building a safe haven, a place of wonder, full of imagination, where children could flourish in a safe, homely environment.

    A place they couldn't wait to come to every day as they knew they would learn through play, make new friends and grow in happiness.

    The dream quickly became a reality and The Butterfly Patch quickly expanded to the following locations;

    The Butterfly Patch St Barnabas
    The Butterfly Patch Morden Park
    The Butterfly patch Thames Ditton
    The Butterfly Patch Cobham
    The Butterfly Patch Croydon

    All of our Teachers received such lovely feedback in all their nominations and we have enjoyed reading them so much! Thank you to everyone who nominated our amazing Teachers, we couldn't be prouder.

  • We smiled from ear to ear reading this wonderful winning nomination.....

    We smiled from ear to ear reading this wonderful winning nomination.....

    'Maggie has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter Freya over the last few months. Maggie has great energy, is really good company and has a real knack of bringing out the best in Freya - whether that's as part of a class full of other children or on the rare occasions when it's just been Freya in the pool.  She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of difference swimming exercises and builds great rapport with all the children in the pool so far as I can see. Overall I think that she does a great job and is thoroughly deserving of teacher of the term.' 

  • Well Done to Maggie for receiving these other fantastic nominations....

    Well Done to Maggie for receiving these other fantastic nominations....

    We are a little biased with our nomination as we only have one teacher but we would not change her for the World! Maggie is extremely encouraging and very patient with all her students. All puddle ducks are more than happy (no matter how scared they may be) to be used to demonstrate the next instruction. She knows the names of her students and is genuinely happy with the kids progression. - Tina, Olurotimi & Oreoluwa

    Well I do think Maggie is brilliant and kept meaning to make my appreciation known but I’m not sure I’m eloquent enough to ensure she gets this award, so it would be good if you can note this ‘against her file’ regardless. She is patient, in that rather chilly pool at the Aspire Centre hour upon hour and never gets irritable, she knows how to handle kids, my daughter bends over backwards to please her/do the demos with her (it’s quite shameless/embarrassing really…), Maggie always comes up with fun activities and manages to keep flawlessly to time.  I am VERY happy with her as our instructor.  - Kirsten & Olivia    

    We would like to nominate Maggie. Isobel has had a previous traumatic experience with water. Janine her previous teacher began to rebuild her confidence and Maggie has stretched this already in just a few lessons without panicking Isobel, or pushing her too far. The pace of the lesson is good, tasks are made fun and Maggie seems focused on progressing the kid’s skills and their confidence, so that they get the most out of the lesson, using a relaxed and reassuring approach, which for us is working brilliantly. - Laura & Isobel

    I’d like to nominate Maggie as she is incredibly enthusiastic for the whole class, yet also manages to find the time to help children individually. Most importantly - my daughter loves her! - Ray & Annabelle

    I would like to nominate Maggie for teacher of the term please. Maggie is always so enthusiastic and has quickly gained the trust of the little ones. We love coming to the lessons. - Lucy & Aria-Grace    

  • We absolutely love this nomination from Pete's Baby Preschool Classes!

    We absolutely love this nomination from Pete's Baby Preschool Classes!

    No words needed…. Pete is the best teacher! My son Hugo absolutely adores him and Pete is one of the reason why Hugo loves swimming so much! - Caroline & Hugo

    We would like to nominate Pete again for teacher of the term. Not only are his instructions clear and he is really engaging with each of the children, taking time to bond with each parent and child in the class throughout but he also explains how each of the exercises helps our children to develop into confident and happy swimmers, which really brings it all to life and makes us feel more confident as parents. Puddle Ducks classes are well thought out and helpful, but it really is Pete who keeps us wanting and looking forward to going every week. - Vanessa, Chris and Henry

    Teddy love's his weekly swimming lessons with Pete. I like the fact that he remains structured and disciplined in his classed, but also creates a relaxing and fun environment for the children. - Ed & Teddy

    My nomination is Pete. He is one of the best teachers of any sport that my kids attend. His attention to the needs of each individual child is exemplary - he makes sure every kid gets the most out of every session, it's not a one size fits all class with him.  He also builds trust with the children so that they want to do what he says. He has a very special skill at managing discipline with the age level of the children. - Reyno & Nico

    I'd like to nominate Pete for the teacher of the term. We took courtesy classes with him in Sellincourt primary school during summer term break and I was very impressed with the progress Klara made. He was excellent with the babies by helping them to progress and being able to tell what they will and won't be able to do. There was a submergence exercise where I thought Klara will cry but with Pete's help not only she performed it well, she jumped into the water herself. I was speechless! - Inga & Klara

  • We couldn't agree more with these nominations for Pete from his Swim Academy Classes!

    We couldn't agree more with these nominations for Pete from his Swim Academy Classes!

    Pete is an outstanding teacher. His ability to connect with my daughter who has autism is really amazing and she is progressing tremendously due to this. Thank you! - Jody & Peaches

    We’d like to nominate Pete for Teacher of the term. George loves his lessons with Pete and looks forward to them every week - Pete is an excellent teacher who has helped George gain confidence as a swimmer and we see the benefits of that in and out of the pool. - Louisa, James & George

  • We love Andy's fantastic nominations!

    We love Andy's fantastic nominations!

    I would like to nominate Andy as teacher of the term. We have been swimming with him now for probably over a year and he has been consistently excellent through that time. He knows each of the children in his classes very well. He makes sure everyone is fully involved doing something they enjoy. He makes it a lot of fun. Also he is very calm and helps the children relax as a result. All in all one of the highlights of Isla’s (and her parents’) week. - Neill & Isla

    I would like to Nominate Andy. Fun, engaging with the kids and particularly good with my daughter who didn’t like the water at the start! - Aedin & Cora                                                                                           

    Just his attitude and approach have meant my daughter loves swimming. On days she’s in a foul mood I know this will cheer her up.  And I believe it’s thanks to his teaching. - James & Claudia

    Both my daughter and I really enjoy our Kickers class with Andy. He provides a relaxed atmosphere for fun splashing and learning, and I'm confident we're in good hands. My daughter loves the water and clearly feels very at home during our lessons. Andy is always engaged with the various moods and confidence levels of the little ones, and where they may need encouragement or support, versus are happy to be fully involved in all activities. He also sometimes let's us do an additional 'Jelly on the plate' which is an absolute favourite! - Fiona & Ivy

    We would like to nominate Andy. We go to Strathmore School on Monday's. We have been going since our son Rafe was 5 weeks. Andy is amazing and Rafe loves him. His class is always so much fun. Our son has been going through a difficult stage but Andy has encouraged us not to give up and Rafe is getting his love for the water back again, it just takes him a while to warm. - Claire & Rafe

    We vote for Andy as he was able to support us on our journey of teaching our daughter to swim. This was not limited to giving us assurance and comfort throughout the classes, but also giving advice on any other situations (such as summer sea vacation and christening ritual, which also involves water). We found Andy very supporting and committed to teach our daughter and us about swimming together. - Anna & Alisa

    We are very happy with Andy. Our two sons getting more and more confident in the water. A BIG thank you to Andy! - Margit, William & Ferdinand

    We love our swimming lessons with Andy. He is always cheerful and patient and adapts the activities to each baby depending on their development, experience and their mood on the day! My son is so happy and confident in the water that on a recent holiday we swam twice every day - and I am convinced that Andy has played a significant part in this confidence. I think Puddle Ducks is fantastically well planned and run as an organisation, but in my opinion Andy stands out even above this high level. I hope that he can win teacher of the term twice in a row – he really does deserve it. - Sarah & Laurence

    I wanted to write re our candidate Teacher of the Term which is Andy. He has been instrumental in improving my son Derin’s swimming skills since we have started to take him to Puddle Ducks, from beating Derin’s initial fear from water to helping him comfortably jump in the water and to having a lot of fun during the classes. As a result, both my husband and I would highly recommend Andy for the Teacher of the Term. - Gokce & Derin

    We nominate Andy for teacher of the term because he is sensitive to the needs/level of every child in his class.  He takes time to encourage and advise how we can help Edgar with his confidence in water. He establishes rapport with the children very quickly. He makes the lesson fun and is always upbeat. - Brian, Katie & Edgar

    We would like to nominate Andy as the Teacher of the Term. Our son really enjoys his lessons, he makes them very interactive, educative for both parents and babies and we have lots of fun in the water!   He has an excellent rapport with the children and understands their feelings in the water, identifying whether an exercise needs differentiating even before parents. - Carlos, Irene & Lucas

    I'd like to nominate Andy as teacher of the term. My daughter, Tiggy, and I have attended his Floaties and Splashers classes at Broadwater School and he is absolutely excellent! He is incredibly calm in the pool and takes time to make sure all the children are comfortable and confident. Tiggy loves swimming and it's obvious that the excitement is shared by all the children in the class; more than any other class we do, all the children seem to pay attention to Andy, which is testament to the great environment he creates for building skills, confidence and having fun! - Bethan & Tiggy

    Our daughter Bea would like to nominate Andy for being friendly, kind and a brilliant teacher. He’s always smiling and cheerful, and he’s helped Bea’s swimming come on a long way. He also knows all about Fireman Sam, which Bea loves! - Mary & Bea

    We would like to nominate Andy as my 2-year-old boy Lowen loves his class! He is very attentive to Lowen's needs, encouraging and challenging in a gentle positive way. Lowen sees him and smiles, even when he had just woken up and when he hasn't been so keen on swimming. Andy makes it exciting and fun and does such a great job at putting the kids at ease. He respects their boundaries while at the same time encourages them to learn. Lowen and I have learnt so much and we are big fans. Andy’s class is the reason why we returned to Puddleducks. After each class we have learnt something new and Lowen is getting more and more confident in the water and that's thanks to * and his way of teaching. Big thank you!! - Mirja & Lowen

    We would like to nominate Andy for teacher of the term. Both our girls have a really good time with him and he has a very fun and nurturing relationship them. -Kevin, Stasia, Lauren & Isobel

    I'd love to nominate Andy - he's been amazing with Elliott who loves his swimming lessons and grows in confidence weekly. - Gudrun & Elliott 

    I'd like to nominate Andy as teacher of the term - he's been a great at helping Milo become more confident in the water and it's been great fun coming to the lessons and seeing him progress. - Jack & Milo

    I'd like to nominate Andy for the teacher of the term.This is my son's, Kieran, second term at puddle ducks and he has come on leaps and bounds under Andy's tutelage. Andy's friendly demeanour engages Kieran to focus on his lessons. We look forward to swimming every week and that's down to the fun and safe environment Andy has created. Kieran's progression can be measured both on his star cards and the smile on his face. - Noel & Kieran                                                                 

    Arjun nominates Andy for the following reasons:  friendly, approachable, puts Arjun at ease during the lessons and builds his confidence. Arjun enjoys his swimming lessons with Andy as he is an excellent teacher. - Parminder & Arjun

    I wanted to nominate Andy. We’ve had Andy teach our 2 year old, Evie, for some time now and she absolutely loves his lessons. Evie is totally relaxed with Andy, he explains everything so clearly and makes every single lesson enjoyable. We look forward to swimming every week and it’s a thanks to how well Andy teaches. We’ve just been on holiday and her confidence in the pool is amazing. He is now also teaching our 4 month old and I can’t wait to see her confidence grow in the same way Evie’s has since Andy has been teaching her. Thank you Andy. - Katie & Evie

  • We were smiling from ear to ear reading these nominations for Sinead.

    We were smiling from ear to ear reading these nominations for Sinead.

    We have to nominate the lovely Sinead again :) And seeing you’ve only just sent the email, we must be the first people nominating :)) Our daughter Ava is in her kickers class on a Thursday morning and it's the highlight of our week. Sinead continues to lead a wonderful class. Her lessons are full of excitement yet delivered with a compassionate nature. Sometimes Ava still gets a bit upset or afraid in the class, usually when it comes to going underwater and Sinead is so understanding and patient with her. She has never made Ava do anything that has made her feel uncomfortable yet she has this wonderful way of still getting the lesson taught even when Ava is less than cooperative with her :) Ava gets excited for her class with Sinead as soon as we enter the park car. We can’t recommend Sinead highly enough so please can she win teacher of the year because she really deserves this and we love her :)) - Miles, Hayley and Ava

    We have had our fair share of problems with swimming lessons and teachers from various swim schools. So when we met Sinead, she was welcoming, friendly, she listened to what went wrong for us in previous swim schools and made it easy and calming for my little boy to trust her. He also has speech problems and she takes her time to listen to him and help him. She is warm and so happy and upbeat. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for my little boys confidence already and we haven’t even been swimming with her for long! - Danielle & Kaeson-Charles

    My husband would like to nominate Sinead because she is good teacher in all aspects - she is good with explaining exercises, so everybody knows what they're supposed to do. She also is a gentle and caring teacher so it's rare when any of the babies cry and generally the mood of the classes is very positive. She runs the classes so smoothly that we don't feel that she is looking at her help sheet at all. - Inga & Klara

    Kaeya and I would like to nominate our Thursday teacher Sinead as she is superb. Kaeya enjoys her swim lessons with her. She is very proactive and supportive. Well done to her! - Rujuta & Kaeya

    I would like to vote for Sinead. We moved Isla to Puddle Ducks earlier this year after taking a break from swimming due to Isla’s water wobbles with another swim school. With Sinead’s gentle and supportive approach Isla now relishes being underwater and can’t wait for any exercise that involve jumping in! She has also helped me adapt to swimming with Isla while being pregnant with our 2nd child offering adaptations to exercises where needed and checking in with me to check I’m doing ok on occasion. Thanks Sinead!!! - Debbie & Isla

    We would like to nominate Sinead, she is an amazing teacher! Always happy, has a lot of patience and always happy to answer any questions. She deserves this! - Hardeep & Avani

    I would like to nominate Sinead. Isobel and I look forward to the classes each week. Sinead has such a bubbly and friendly approach, Isobel instantly felt at ease with her which was so lovely to see, especially given Isobel is very shy with strangers. Sinead is confident in her approach to teaching which installs confidence in all us mums. She manages to balance providing important information about water safety along with lots of fun. Isobel’s confidence grows every week and I put that down to Sinead’s approach. She makes all the babies smile every week and they all clearly trust her which is so important. Thank you 😊 - Kirsty & Isobel

    I would like to nominate Sinead. She is a wonderful teacher. She is kind and friendly. She is attentive toward all the children and is there to help even before asking. She makes all the classes really fun and I think my daughter enjoys swimming because of the way she teaches. - Zahra & Sofia

    I would like to nominate Sinead for the “Teacher of the Term”.  My 16 months old son Aaron loves to swim. She is teaching him with love and care. - Nisha & Aaron

  • A lovely Swim Academy nomination for Sinead!

    A lovely Swim Academy nomination for Sinead!

    We are voting for Sinead because she goes out of her way to help Maryam in swimming, she is kind and patient and very professional. She never shouts instead is very assertive about what her expectations are. Sinead checks regularly what criteria Maryam has met and challenges her to meet the next ones. We are very happy with Sinead she takes her role seriously. - Kulsoom & Maryam

  • Becky's customers clearly love her as much as we do!

    Becky's customers clearly love her as much as we do!

    We'd like to nominate Becky - she always seems to pack loads into the lesson and pushes the children to stretch themselves but just on the edge of their comfort zone. She is consistent and firm, but friendly. My daughter loves pretending to be her in the bath and is constantly shouting 'alright my little dippers' to her toy ducks! - Shalini & Amali

    I’d like to nominate Becky, because she always makes the lessons fun and the perfect level of exciting for the little ones! My son adores the lessons and always has the biggest smile for Becky - he and I both think she’s wonderful! - Laura & Alasdair 

    I would like to nominate Becky for teacher of the term. Becky is truly amazing. We were on holidays last week at the seaside and I credit to her classes the great time all of us had in the water together with our (almost) 10 months old daughter. Ingrid (our daughter) was so relaxed in the water, splashing and laughing and enjoying herself. Such a long way from our first class which was 3-4 months ago where we had to leave after just 15 minutes cause she would not stop screaming :))) Becky's classes are fun, she is super patient (thank you!!!) and I am impressed by the progress Ingrid has made since we started, all thanks to Becky's classes!! - Ileana & Ingrid

    I’d like to nominate Becky.  Babies having a meltdown, having to make herself heard over a RIDICULOUSLY LOUD HAIR DRYER RIGHT NEXT TO THE SWIMMING POOL, being blinded by the sun in mid-summer, no matter what is being thrown at her, she always has a smile on her face and a warm and wonderful demeanour. She’s very caring, very lovely and very good.  Thank you, Becky! - Ana & Francisca 

    I recommend Becky! She's always friendly, interested in the kids development and patient whilst they learn new skills. - Laura & Finnegan

    Could I please nominate Becky as teacher of the term. She has been teaching my son Dylan since he was 7 weeks old. She is so friendly and full of energy, and has really helped him build his confidence in the water. As a result swimming lessons are now the highlight of his week! - Siafon & Dylan 

    I'd like to nominate Becky who teaches my daughter at Sellincourt primary. She is super patient, adapts well to different children and is always very clear with her instructions and feedback. After a rocky start my daughter is now settled in the class and really enjoying them. - Sarah & Phoebe

    I’d like to nominate Becky please. She is a brilliant teacher and Ethan loves swimming!!! - Amber & Ethan                                                                 

    I'd like to please nominate Becky for teacher of the term! She's always ready with a smile and makes our little Splasher feel very at ease in the water. She explains everything clearly and is super encouraging! :) - Laura & Lucas  

    Here is my vote for Becky!! She is always such an entertainer for the babies and us! But such a professional who get us to progress so well with our babies!! She is defo teacher of the term. - Isabelle & Noah

    We'd love to nominate our teacher Becky who teaches on Saturday mornings at Sellincourt Primary school. She is warm, welcoming and always make a fuss of Arlo (and it's clear to see he likes her too!) We love attending this class! - Cora & Arlo

    Becky makes my daughter feel safe in water and enjoy her time in the pool. Every lesson is different, but every time fun! - Elisa & Alice

    I’d like to nominate Becky for the Teacher of the Term event. Becky teaches Adam in the Splashers class at Sellincourt Primary school on Saturdays. Becky is always so welcoming, cheerful and great with Adam. She really engages with all the babies in the class. She is organised and makes the most of the 30 minute class which always flies by as we always have so much fun. I would be delighted if Becky received the Teacher of the Term commendation. - Saadia & Adam

    My son attends the Kickers class on Saturday morning at Sellincourt Primary School. We would like to vote for Becky as Teacher of the Term. Her enthusiasm, coupled with smiles and laughs aimed at the kids, really makes the lesson enjoyable for the little one (and the parent). Her instructions are clear and precise, and she also is good at keeping time. We really enjoy our lessons with Becky. - Namrata & Rohan

    I'd like to nominate Becky for teacher of the term.  She's enthusiastic and authentic.  She enjoys the children and knows her stuff with the swimming! - Margo & Emmeline

    We’d like to vote for Becky please as teacher of the term. Swim classes with Becky are always great fun. We really appreciate how she is able to tailor the classes to the different levels of babies in each group. Stella has been taking a while to adjust to the new Splashers class but Becky is always so encouraging and we’ve been really grateful for her giving us a duck to play with at tricky points in the lesson as a distraction! She always remember our favourite songs too! - Giulia & Stella

    Freya and I nominate Becky as Teacher of the Term for her consistent enthusiasm!! - Amy & Freya

  • Such a lovely nomination for Lauren!

    Such a lovely nomination for Lauren!

    We think Lauren is a fantastic teacher! She adapts to each child depending on their level! She has managed to get Ollie doing things in the water I never thought would happen! - Emily & Ollie

  • We love Julie too.

    We love Julie too.

    I'm not sure if you ever do anything for recognition of the support poolside staff, but Julie should get a special mention (Tuesdays at Broadwater) as she's always so welcoming, friendly, helpful to mums and dads, and generally facilitates going swimming with a little one - or in some of the parents' cases (not mine), more than one child. - Fiona & Ivy

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