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Congratulations Sinead! You are our Puddle Ducks South West London Star Teacher - Spring 2019

  • We are so excited to announce that Sinead is the winner of our Star Teacher competition for Spring 2019.

    We are so excited to announce that Sinead is the winner of our Star Teacher competition for Spring 2019.

    The winning nomination was chosen by Sophie from Olivie Baby and Wellbeing - Baby massage and baby yoga classes in Surrey. 

    Olivie is a wellbeing company supporting parents from baby to beyond!

    "In our baby massage and yoga classes we teach effective techniques to help soothe and relax your baby and to aid in their ongoing development but we won’t forget about you! Life as a parent can be stressful and with that in mind we aim to equip you with practical ways to enhance your own wellbeing right from when your baby is born  – from simple breathing and relaxation techniques to mindfulness and self care ideas that you can use on a daily basis."

    To find out more about these wonderful classes, please visit Sophie's website at -

    All of our teachers received such lovely feedback in all their nominations and we have enjoyed reading them so much! Thank you to everyone who nominated our amazing teachers, we couldn't be prouder.

  • Sinead's fantastic winning nomination!

    Sinead's fantastic winning nomination!

    Our daughter Ava has attended Sinead’s class for the last 18 months. She is currently a little dipper on Thursdays at Heston Hyde Hotel. She has missed several classes due overseas travel so her confidence has been up and down. Sinead has been the most patient and delightful teacher one could ever hope for. She is always aware of the individual needs of all the children within the class and tailors her approach accordingly. Beaming with enthusiasm her classes always put a smile on my daughter’s face and mine in turn. I simply cannot praise her enough. Many thanks Sinead. You are our star teacher!

    Thank you for this wonderful nomination Miles, Hayley and Ava! 

    Here is why Sophie chose this nomination: 

    "Thank you for asking me to help pick the Star Teacher. It was lovely to read through all the glowing nominations and it is obvious that the children love their lessons! It sounds like this teacher really cares about the kids that they teach and takes time to understand their individual needs. This will in turn help little ones to feel reassured and secure and it's clear that this teacher has done a great job in developing confidence as well as bringing a smile to lots of faces! Well done!"

  • Here are Sinead's other fantastic nominations....

    Here are Sinead's other fantastic nominations....

    Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to nominate the Star Teacher. Kaeya and Dad would like to nominate their favourite Sinead. Sinead knows exactly how to pull the strings to make them work better - Rujuta & Kaeya

    We’d like to nominate our swimming teacher Sinead at Sellincourt School as a fantastic teacher! Sinead's been teaching our son Harrison for over a year and he loves her classes. She engages really well with each child and makes classes really fun for them. I’m always amazed at how she has full control of all these little toddlers whilst ensuring they enjoy learning. Sinead has a really imaginative approach to building their confidence and their skills in the water. - Louise & Harrison.

    I would like to nominate Sinead for both Avinash and Ranvir as she takes the time to attend to both their needs. She is also very patient! - Avneet, Avinash & Ranvir

    We’d like to nominate Sinead as Star Teacher: Both of our kids absolutely love her and she makes their lessons so happy and fun each week. Josh has gone from being terrified of water to begging me to take him swimming every day. I’m struggling to keep him above the water when we’re in the pool now! He is so proud of what he’s doing and really looks forward to showing and telling Sinead every week. He loves practising in the bath and repeating back what Sinead says. We have a lot of bubbles our house every night and we love it! Hope she wins!!! - Dana, Joshua & Benjamin

    I've only been going to Puddle Ducks for a few weeks with my daughter Amaal who is almost 6 months. But Sinead is fantastic so calm and collected. She explains everything, so i understand how a particular move will help Amaal later on. She always has a smile on her face- love her! - Sanna & Amaal

    I would like to vote for Sinead. She doesn't need any explanation why she is best.  Because she is the best! - Nisha & Aaron

    We’d like to vote for Sinead. She’s great, very encouraging and keeps Aidan engaged throughout his lesson. She builds great rapport with all her little swimmers. Aidan’s really built his swimming confidence since swimming with Sinead. - Kirsty & Aidan

    We’d like to nominate Sinead for Star Teacher. Eva’s swimming ability and confidence under water has excelled with Sinead as teacher. She makes every session fun and is very encouraging. We always look forward to our lessons which are often the highlight of our weekends. - Ross & Eva

  • We love this Swim Academy nomination for Pete!

    We love this Swim Academy nomination for Pete!

    Voting for PETE. Good role model, trustworthy, fun yet responsible, inspiring, full of knowledge, patient, keen observer ,motivating and creative. - Jeevan and Palwinder

  • We are smiling from ear to ear reading these nominations for Becky...

    We would love to nominate Becky for Star Teacher. Becky goes out of her way to make Arlo feel special each lesson (as all the children), is extremely personable and her lessons always run so smoothly. She has bounds of enthusiasm and always gives each lesson 100%. It's also lovely to hear her talk about her son as we get to know her. Arlo absolutely loves his lessons and we love having Becky as our teacher. -Cora & Arlo

    I’d like to nominate Becky Carmichael please. She has endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm as well as an excellent approach to teaching. - Natalie, Douglas and Zoelie 

    No doubt - Becky! Her way of teaching let both parents and babies immediately feel at ease and in safe hands. She is able to gather babies’ attention and let them have fun while learning new skills quickly. She is friendly, extremely professional and very engaging for the babies. Lessons fly with her and you feel like your baby learns more and more each time. She creates a sense of “group” while also tailoring the support she gives to each baby, based on where she sees him/her a bit behind, making the whole class homogeneous and learning fast together. I truly hope she will win! - Elisa & Alice

    We love our teacher Becky: systematic with her teaching, perseveres with each child without pushing them too much, enthusiastic and makes a big deal when the children show progress - our son loves to swim when she is there and to show off what he can do every time. - Theodora and Kesavan

    We would like to nominate Becky (Sellincourt primary school) for her dedication to her job and excellent ability to communicate with children. She is very good in finding individual approach to each client. We wish her best of luck! - Tatiana, Arina and Artem

  • It's clear Andy's customers love him as much as we do!

    It's clear Andy's customers love him as much as we do!

    Andy makes each session fun and engaging with the kids. My daughter looks forward to her lesson with Andy each week! - Aedin & Cora

    Our girls have only had about 4 lessons with Andy so far, but already, both of them have SO much confidence in the water! They get so excited when they realise it’s Monday so swimming that afternoon! We’d tried other classes previously which actually made our eldest more scared of water! Now, we can’t get her out! 😀 Plus, our youngest now let’s us get her face wet while washing her hair in the bath thanks to Andy’s lessons! Thanks so much! - Sam & Ash  

    On behalf of Arjun, we would like to nominate Andy. Andy is always so welcoming and happy at the lessons. He puts Arjun at ease during the lessons (even when Arjun starts to cry).Since moving up to Splashers, Arjun's confidence in the water has grown and continues to grow which is down to Andy's method and style of delivering his classes. We are very pleased that Andy is Arjun's swimming teacher. - Parminder, Amith & Arjun

    We’d like to nominate Andy from Strathmore. He is a fantastic teacher and Tobi is learning so much from him. - David & Tobi

    I only started bringing my baby to Puddle Ducks about 1 month ago. This was following an experience with a competitor that I just didn’t see worked for me or my baby and I couldn’t have been happier with the move. The teacher, Andy, made our arrival so comfortable, explaining everything calmly and carefully to ensure that my confidence rubbed off onto my slightly nervous baby. The second week it was like a new baby had emerged, loving the kicking, splashing and songs that Andy led. When he holds the babies for the parents to get in / out of the pool, he does a few fun demos such as blowing bubbles which you can see helps them feel at ease which they all seem to love. He is a clear and confident teacher, friendly both with the babies and parents and I definitely think he deserves the award. - Emma & Cassian

    Andy at Strathmore is our star! Classes are fun and educational and most importantly he’s very engaging with the little ones. Elliot loves him! - Sue & Elliott

  • We are so proud of Maggie for these fantastic nominations....

    We are so proud of Maggie for these fantastic nominations....

    I nominate Maggie. Although we've only had a couple of sessions with her, I believe she is so patient and attentive. She was so good with my son as well as with all the parents. I felt so relaxed and so did my husband. - Shivani & Ariyan

    I would like to nominate Maggie again for Star Teacher. Maggie is always so enthusiastic and entertaining, my little girl Aria spends the whole class watching her! Maggie has really got to know Aria and instantly knows when she is not feeling 100%. We were actually looking to change classes to find a more suitable time for us, but decided we really couldn’t bear to give up Maggie as our teacher. - Lucy, Dean & Aria-Grace

    I'd like to nominate Maggie for Puddle Ducks Star Teacher. She is always calm and patient while enthusiastic to encourage the Little Dippers to try new skills every lesson. - Jen & Eddie

    We would like to nominate Maggie. The kids all go through fazes of likes, wants and shyness. Maggie remembers what colour float they want, even when they change it from one week to the next, she understands when kids are not in the mood to participate and she keeps everything fun for them. She is also a great sport when it comes to cleaning snotty noses and netting kids vomit! Go Team Maggie! - OreOluwa, Olurotimi, Dele and Tina

    I would like to vote for "Maggie" for Star Teacher. She is very good teacher, takes good care of each student on the class. She helps student to learn and practice for betterment. She always professional and best on lessons. I am grateful to have her for my daughter's teacher. - Priyabrata & Gargi

  • Wonderful Baby/Preschool nominations for Lauren.

    I'd really like to nominate Lauren our teacher at Whitley Village. My little one is quite a challenge in the water with a short attention span and a very defiant attitude to the point she can refuse to participate throughout the lesson. However each week Lauren manages to engage her and each week I see progress. Its sounds like a little thing but to me it's huge and I'm so grateful. - Robyn & Summer

    Without hesitation we vote for Lauren. She has made Ollie's swimming journey enjoyable and fun. She has helped Ollie come so far, it's hard to believe it is the same little boy as 6 months ago. Brilliant teacher who adapts to each child and also has a smile on her face. - Emily & Ollie

  • Lauren's Swim Academy customers love her too...

    We would like to nominate Lauren as our Star Teacher because she’s absolutely great with the kids. She pays so much attention to each and every child and very clear with her instructions, and also the children don’t get bored she makes it fun for them. She’s also a very lovely lady. We are very confident that our boy will be a good confident swimmer. - Laila & Zach

    Henry and I would like to nominate Lauren as Star Teacher because she has been perfect for Henry, who was a very nervous swimmer to start with. From day 1 she worked him out and knows exactly how to get the best out of him. He totally trusts her and knows she would not make him do anything he doesn’t want to do, which is important but also gives him the encouragement to try his hardest and he loves it when he achieves what is asked of him. He has come on so well and absolutely loves his lessons with Lauren. - Nikki & Lauren

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