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Festive fun for you and your little one this Christmas!

Here's a few crafty ideas for you and your little one to try out this Christmas time!  Have lots of festive fun together!


  • Egg Box Reindeer

    Egg Box Reindeer

    What you need:

    Egg box

    Red pom pom

    Stick on eyes


    Brown paint

    Card (brown if you have it)


    Cut an individual 'cup' from the egg box and paint brown.  Whilst it dries, draw antlers and ears on your card and cut out (colour brown on both sides if you don't have brown card).  Once dry, stick on all the bits - eyes, red nose, antlers and ears!  Make Rudolf or make the whole gang!!

  • Candy Cane Hunt

    Candy Cane Hunt

    Think Easter Egg hunt but with candy canes instead (or Christmas treats of your choice!).  For older ones, turn it in to a festive treasure hunt, with Christmas themed clues to help them find where the treats are hidden around the house and garden (weather permitting!).

  • Decorate Pine Cones

    Decorate Pine Cones

    Collect up some pine cones from the garden or from your local park and dry them out on a radiator or in the airing cupboard.  Once dry, pick out festive coloured paint and glitter and go for it decorating them to look all Christmassy!  Attach string to hang from the tree or display in a glass vase.

  • Make Fake Snow!

    Make Fake Snow!

    What you need:

    1lb baking soda

    Shaving Foam (unscented)

    2 drops of lavender essential oil (not essential)


    Put the baking soda into a big bowl and then spray in a good handful of foam.  Get the kids to knead it all together until it forms a 'snow' consistency - you might need to add more foam.  

    This is a great sensory play activity or kids can mould them into mini snowmen!

  • Christmas Film Bingo

    Christmas Film Bingo

    How about turning your Christmas film viewing into a festive competition!  Create a 'bingo' card with all the typical items that might crop up in a Christmas film:

    A decorated tree






    You get the idea.....and when your little one spots each item, they can tick it off their list.  The one to spot all items on their list shouts BINGO to win a prize of your choice!

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