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How our '8 week payment cycle' works....

How does our '8 week payment cycle' work?

Our classes are booked 8 classes at a time, with your first payment being made at the time of booking. We then work on an ‘8 week payment cycle’.

We very much hope that you are enjoying your swimming lessons with us and hope that you wish to continue lessons so we ask you to kindly secure your child’s space by making your next payment in advance, either on or before your payment date.

Your last lesson and your payment date are different, your payment date is usually around your 5th lesson. Your first payment date may seem to come round quite quickly if it is your first set of lessons with us, however this does settle into a rolling 8 week payment.

We ask for payment before your current block of lessons has run out so that we can secure your child's space, before we look to fill any available spaces with new customers.

Did you know you can sign up to recurring payments and never risk loosing your child’s space?

We love our recurring payments system, and here’s why?

  • No more logging on to make a payment 
  • Never risk loosing your child's place 
  • We'll tell you when your child's ready for the next level 
  • You can switch days/times to a more convenient class at any point
  • No more payment reminder emails from us!
  • Pay for 8 lessons at a time

It's so easy to sign up for recurring payments, simply login to your 'My Puddle Ducks' account and click on the ‘Sign up for recurring payments’ button.

  • Complete the authorisation form and you’re done – you need never worry about missing a payment, or your space in your class again. 
  • Our system will take a payment from your authorised card on your Payment Due Date* so all you need to do is remember your swim bag!

As a THANK YOU for your continuing custom, we'll enter you into a prize draw* to win your next block of 8 lessons for FREE, on us!

For more information, read our Recurring Payment FAQs.

**The prize draw is every 4 months. You'll be entered into the draw for as long as you're signed up to recurring payments

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