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Introducing our PJ week charities....

Puddle Ducks Charity Pyjama Week is coming very soon (15th - 21st October 2018). We run a PJ week every term, and once a year we raise money for a chosen charity... or two! 

This year we will be teaching invaluable personal survival skills and raising money for both First Touch and Pregnancy Sickness Support - all while having fun!

What our Pyjama Week teaches:

  • If accidents happen, often it's when fully clothed. We strongly believe it's our duty to ensure that our swimmers know what it feels like to be in water while wearing clothes
  • Even just this short experience will help them to realise that even though they feel heavier, they can still do those all-important reactions of kicking to the surface, turning and reaching for the side
  • We do all of this while making sure your child has lots of fun!

We would love everyone to help us raise money for these wonderful charities. Your involvement is SO important. We'd love all of our swimmers to download our sponsorship form and take it with you wherever you go, to raise as much as you possibly can. If you don't swim with us but would love to donate, you can do this via our justgiving page here

For our Puddle Ducks, here's a reminder of what to do:

  • We'd love your child to collect sponsorship for completing a personal survival lesson plan in their pyjamas - Baby/Preschool Sponsorship form and Swim Academy Sponsorship form 
  • We will ask for voluntary donations to come to class in pyjamas (collected at the pool)
  • The child who raises the most money wins a prize from Puddle Ducks Head Office!


  • First Touch @ St George's hospital

    First Touch @ St George's hospital

    Supporting sick and premature babies at St George's Hospital.

    The neonatal unit St George’s Hospital cares for 600 babies each year. Many of the babies we care for have been born prematurely, with some mothers having only just reached 24 weeks of pregnancy (40 weeks is generally considered normal). Some babies require life saving surgery. We want these babies to grow up to be healthy, happy children with bright futures. 

    First Touch was set up in 1998 to support the babies, families and staff on the Neonatal Unit at St George's Hospital.

    They are the only charity dedicated to the nnu at St George's and the money raised  goes directly to fund equipment and projects to improve outcomes for the babies and their families.

    Learn more
  • Pregnancy Sickness Support

    Pregnancy Sickness Support

    Pregnancy Sickness Support is a registered UK charity working to improve care, treatment and support for women suffering from Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy (NVP) and the severe form of the condition; Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

    PSS are currently a small charity and rely heavily on donations and fund-raising from sufferers and the work of volunteers but are growing rapidly thanks to the hard work and dedication of the small team.

    Their national support network is for sufferers of NVP and HG and their carers, which is growing and developing constantly and making a huge difference to women all around the country. The leaflets and website also provide a valuable resource for those suffering. They are also working hard to raise awareness about Nausea and Vomiting in pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum with the public, the media and Health Care Professionals (HCP's) and are involved in ongoing research into the cause and treatment of NVP and HG and the psychological impact for sufferers and their families. Guidelines and training programmes for healthcare professionals are in the pipeline and aswell as a conference in London this September where the latest research and developments will be presented. They also host an annual conference for Pregnancy Sickness Supporters.

    Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is very common. On average it affects 70-80% of pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent. Over 30% of women in paid employment need time off work due to NVP and 1 in 100-150 women will be admitted to hospital due to the severity of their condition. This extreme end of the nausea and vomiting spectrum is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is a severe and potentially life threatening condition which can have a profound affect on the sufferers health and well being.

    Learn more
  • And here's a little reminder for our customers of what to wear for Pyjama Week:

    And here's a little reminder for our customers of what to wear for Pyjama Week:

    • Floaties, Splashers & Kickers: sleepsuits or short or long sleeved pyjamas. Don't forget to wear your usual double swim nappies underneath
    • Little Dippers & Dippers: short or long sleeved pyjamas. Don't forget to wear your usual double swim nappies underneath or swimwear if potty trained
    • All parents/carers involved in baby/pre-school lessons should wear pyjamas.
    • Swim Academy Levels 1 - 4: short sleeved pyjamas
  • We thank you in advance for all your support during our fundraising week.

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