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Reasons to learn to swim with Swim Academy South West London

  • Teaching Water Safety

    Teaching Water Safety

    Sadly, accidental drowning is still the 3rd highest cause of accidental injury death, with an estimated 360,000 deaths each year. Therefore, one of, if not the most important aspect of learning to swim is learning how to be safe in the water and water safety is at the core of our Swim Academy lessons.

    Many of our activities are great fun for our swimmers but they are picking up a water safety skill without even realising it. Teaching these skills to your children from as young an age as possible, they become second nature, and if the worst was to happen and they were to fall into water, they would instinctively know what to do.

    On top of the personal survival and lifesaving skills that are regularly taught in lessons, we hold 3 Pyjama Weeks a year, where swimmers go to their swimming lessons in their PJs. This gives all our swimmers a regular session where they experience what it might feel like to be in the water with their clothes on. We do not positively encourage our swimmers to jump into the water fully clothed – quite the opposite – but we can provide them with the opportunity to see how it would feel to be in the water, following an accidental submersion/fall into water, showing them that they can still swim, practice turning, etc.

  • Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

    Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

    Swim Academy helps children live a healthy life by showing them how much fun it is to keep active, both within and outside of our classes.

    We never preach, just naturally encourage a healthy lifestyle through regular, fun exercise and active play. All of our classes are wonderful ways to keep fit.

    The skills and activities taught in class can be taken away and enjoyed in other pools, on holidays and with friends and other members of the family, for life!

  • Making Friends for Life

    Making Friends for Life

    Swim Academy has a fantastic social element that our customers just love. The little ones in our swimming classes adore playing together – both in and outside of lessons – and parents often become friends for life, too.

    We keep our classes small so our swimmers get to know each other when they see their friends each week at their lessons.

    Let’s give them the courage to be fearless, make friends, swim strongly and have fun!

  • Helping to Create Family Memories

    Helping to Create Family Memories

    Swim Academy can enhance our customers’ family life outside of our lessons and even outside of the swimming pool.

    It can make holidays more enjoyable, bringing happy memories of playing in swimming pools together or splashing in the sea and giving little ones the chance to show off their new skills to other family members. 

  • Swim Academy. Let's Do this!

    Swim Academy. Let's Do this!

    Suitable for primary-school aged children aged 4 to 10 years old, at Swim Academy South West London we teach a natural and smooth swimming style, starting with simple skills that we build on in line with your child's physical ability and confidence. These are balanced with fun activities to develop skills including life-saving, floating and surface-diving. 

    Whether your child has swum in our Baby and Pre-School classes, or has only ever dabbled with the family, we'll have a class that's just right for them.  Contact us today for more details!

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