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Star of the Month - May 2018

Well Done Rojus - You are our 'Star of the Month' for May 2018. 

We are all so proud of you, especially Andy. When we told Rojus' mum that Andy had chosen him as his 'Star of the Month' she was super excited and so happy. 

Rojus swims with Andy in our Little Dippers programme and this is why he chose him: 

‘For always working hard in your lessons and being cheeky and funny. Your head down swimming is wonderful. Your listening is continuously improving and every week you give everything a try and still have lots of splashy fun in the pool. You are a star!’

Rojus brings a smile to every single one of his lessons :-). Well done, keep being cheeky and splashy! 

Who will be our 'Star of the Month' for June? 


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    Star of the Month - April 2018

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