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Swimming lessons for babies 6 to 18 months old

Splashers classes are gentle yet fun for babies and parents/guardians.

From the age of around 6 months, most babies are getting stronger backs and greater head control, so they can start to do much more in the water and are showing their own personalities!

The development of your baby during this time is significant and your teachers are trained to recognise what your baby is capable of along the way. We use rhythm, repetition and song to enhance learning and water confidence.


What will you do in the classes?


  • Babies of this age are more curious about their environment and so we focus on fun activities on their front, with occasional back activities leaning against your shoulder.
  • Your baby will particularly love splashes and bubbles, so we will encourage them to make little splashes with their hands and to kick their legs, reaching out for small toys and playing in the water.
  • Songs and activities are carefully balanced to ensure your baby has fun and stays relaxed and engaged.
  • Most Splashers are very happy being underwater; enjoying bubbles and learning the first stages of jumping in the water. Our teachers will play close attention to your baby, watching their faces and responding to their cues. Your baby will never be forced to do something they are either unhappy doing or not ready to do. We carefully nurture confidence by adapting each activity, until they are ready to progress.
  • Your baby will be introduced to holding onto a woggle and kicking around the pool - an important development that introduces independence in the water and the first baby step to swimming.

What is the involvement of the parent or guardian?

  • You will be shown how to hold your child for the various activities and taught to be relaxed while holding them, with plenty of eye contact, to ensure your little one gains an increasing sense of both security and freedom.
  • Clear verbal and behavioural signals for submersions and other activities are critical, so if you are unsure, your teacher will happily show you again and give you any tips.
  • As woggles are introduced and confidence rises, you will be asked to hold your baby as little as possible - you will still be very close to provide safety and reassurance, as well as lots of encouragement, smiles and praise.

The practicalities

  • Please make sure you use the double-nappy method for your child - a disposable swim nappy or one of our great value (and environmentally friendly) NappyWraps & Liners, covered with a well-fitting Puddle Ducks neoprene swim nappy. These are available to buy from our online shop.
  • We often have parents who have a fear of water, but we never force any parent into doing any activity they are not comfortable with. It is up to us to make you feel comfortable in the water so that you can pass positive feelings onto your baby - let our teachers know and they will advise you.
  • We know that many parents like a record of their baby's activities and achievements. Badges and certificates can be purchased from our online shop

Our expert teachers will be happy to answer any questions you might have and will let you know when your children is ready to move to the next exciting stage in their swimming journey - Kickers