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Swimming lessons for newborn babies

Floaties is our parent/guardian and baby swimming class for babies from birth to 9 months old.

If your baby starts swimming with Puddle Ducks within their first 6 months, they will start in our Floaties class.

We would love to welcome you and your tiny bundle of joy to our Floaties class, which is specially designed to create a reassuring, nurturing and natural start to the aquatic journey.

Your baby will be introduced to water in the most relaxed way as possible, carefully building confidence and positive association. Our primary aim in Floaties is for you and your baby to enjoy being in the water together.

Your baby's swimming journey can start as soon as you and your baby feel ready. We follow NHS guidelines which state that your baby can start swimming before they have had their immunisations, in fact as soon as the umbilical cord has fully healed. 

What will you do in the classes?

  • You’ll be introduced to our special songs that mark the start and end of all of our pre-school classes. You will start to use verbal and behavioural signals for different developmental activities.
  • Gentle activities and songs provide a structure for your class, including Puddle Ducks’ variations of many familiar nursery rhymes.
  • Tiny babies love to float on their backs with their ears in the water, gazing up at their parent. They enjoy the water massaging their bodies and the freedom of movement and buoyancy that it provides.
  • Even at this early age, our Floaties programme allows our babies to make choices about how and when they put their faces in the water and is a bonding experience like no other. We NEVER force submersions.

What does the Parent or Guardian need to do?

  • Your individual parent-baby relationship will be encouraged and supported, helping you to get the best experience possible and gain confidence with how to handle your baby in water.
  • We encourage lots of eye contact and skin contact, which will naturally promote bonding and reassurance, creating a special time together in the water.
  • As you both relax, it is important to support your baby’s head - you will be amazed at how little your baby needs supporting otherwise.
  • Don’t expect miracles in the first class, but watch as your confidence slowly unfolds during the classes.

Practical information and reassurance.

  • You need to make sure you use the double-nappy method for your child - a disposable swim nappy or one of our great value (and environmentally friendly) NappyWraps & Liners, covered with a well-fitting Puddle Ducks neoprene swim nappy. These are available to buy from our online shop.
  • If your baby gets tired, hungry or decides they are not happy, they will cry – sometimes classes can be quite noisy, but mostly it will be fairly tranquil. Breast feeding is permitted during classes.
  • Young babies have a natural reflex which acts to stop water entering the lungs. Although a little water may end up in their tummy, it isn’t dangerous and babies soon learn to hold their breath or spurt water from their mouth. 
  • We often have parents who have a fear of water, but we never force any parent into doing any activity they are not comfortable with. It is up to us to make you feel comfortable in the water so that you can pass positive feelings onto your baby.


Our teachers are always happy to provide advice, so please do let them know if you have any questions, please call or email us and we’ll help where possible or pass on your message. Some of most frequently asked questions have also been answered on our website. 

Our expert teachers will advise you when your baby is ready to move to our next class level - Splashers