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Congratulations Andy!

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Teacher of the Term Competition- Spring 2018

Congratulations Andy!

  • We love the Teacher of the Term Competition as it means we get to hear all of the praise you are giving to our lovely teachers!

    We love the Teacher of the Term Competition as it means we get to hear all of the praise you are giving to our lovely teachers!

    Emma from First aid for life was our judge for this terms competition.

    First Aid for Life is an award winning and fully regulated first aid training provider, running both practical and online courses.

    "Our trainers are all highly experienced medical and emergency services professionals and can run bespoke courses tailored to your needs and interests. Scheduled courses are available in Balham, or courses for groups are available nationwide and on any day of the week." - Emma

    Puddle Ducks customers can use the reference 'PUDDLE DUCKS' to receive 10% of practical and online first aid courses to make sure you can keep those you love safe and healthy. 

    A huge thank you to Emma and to everyone who sent in their nominations for Teacher of the Term.

    Take a look at the award winning First Aid for Life
  • Congratulations Andy!

    Congratulations Andy!

    Andy is our Spring Teacher of the Term and he is absolutely ecstatic to be chosen! 

    Here is what Emma said about Andy's chosen nomination:

    "The standard of entries was outstanding, and I am delighted that Puddle Ducks has such a wealth of amazing instructors. It was an extremely hard decision, but I chose this nomination, because it is absolutely apparent that Andy is a teacher who genuinely cares about each individual child, giving them the care, attention and specific swimming tuition they require. As an instructor myself, I know just how tricky it can be to juggle a big group of learners with varying abilities. Hearing about how Andy is able to do it in such a caring, attentive and positive manner was really inspiring. A huge well done to Andy."

    “Andy has been looking after Joshua since he was around 8 months old. I have always found Andy to be extremely dedicated & professional, but it’s the little things for me that really make him stand out.
    He always greets his next class with the same level of enthusiasm & energy as his previous class.
    Regardless of what level each child displays, Andy is equally caring & attentive whether it’s a full class or just a couple of children
    Joshua has found it hard at times throughout the lessons, but thanks to Andy’s perseverance he actually looks forward to swimming and is sad when the lesson is over.
    Andy is a great teacher and such an asset to Puddle Ducks, he is definitely worthy of some recognition for all the positivity he brings to our swimming lessons each week.” - Joshua’s daddy David

    Well Done Andy!!

  • Everyone else loves Andy too!

    Everyone else loves Andy too!

    “I would like to nominate Andy as he has helped Alice’s water confidence grow immeasurably. He makes every lesson fun and educational. He is always so positive and patient (even in the face of the odd cry or two) “ - Alice’s mummy, Elisabeth.

    “We would love to nominate Andy as the best teacher of the term, the year
    and the century! He is amazing!!!!” - Noah’s mummy, Pamela.

    "We would love to nominate Andy as "teacher of the term". He has been instrumental in developing Alexander's confidence in the pool and getting him to the point where he is ready to move up to the next class. What is impressive about Andy is that he manages to find the right balance between being a firm hand and comforting, depending on the mood of the students - not only that, he also seems to thoroughly enjoy the classes himself" - Tony, Alexander’s Daddy

  • We absolutely love this nomination from Pete's Baby Preschool Class!

    We absolutely love this nomination from Pete's Baby Preschool Class!

    “Our whole family vote Pete because he creates such a fun and dynamic atmosphere, it’s action-packed, holding our little one’s attention whilst still being relaxed and supportive. My son always smiles and splashes in his classes and he even gets my husband singing (which I’ve never seen in the 6 years I’ve known him). He’s given my son and husband confidence that we otherwise just wouldn’t have had and makes us look forward to our weekly session. We were unsure about joining Puddle Ducks because of the fees, but Pete’s classes make it worth every single penny” – Henry’s mummy, Vanessa.

  • We couldn't agree more with these nominations for Pete from his Swim Academy Classes!

    We couldn't agree more with these nominations for Pete from his Swim Academy Classes!

    “We would like to nominate Pete, he goes out of his way to ensure my child is progressing and learning he also ensures she feels challenged in her lessons so that she does not get too relaxed about her learning. Taking her out of her comfort zone to ensure progression. Lessons are enjoyable with good pace. Lessons are interesting. We believe we are getting real value for money and hope Maryam quickly progresses to level 2. Pete is passionate about what he does and this shows in his enthusiasm when my child achieves her goals.” - Maryam’s mummy, Kulsoom.

    “We would like to nominate Pete, he is very good and has helped Dylan Nakarja so much with his confidence and every week Dylan is so excited to go to his swimming sessions we see him progressing so much thanks to Pete he is calm and confident and a brilliant teacher”- Dylan’s mummy, Bally

  • We were smiling from ear to ear reading these nominations for Neen.

    We were smiling from ear to ear reading these nominations for Neen.

    “I would like to vote for Neen please. Neen has been an amazing teacher for our 6 month old who started when she was only 3 months. She gave us the confidence to try all of the activities especially the submersions. Neen always remembers names and has a very positive and happy nature”- Aria- Grace’s mummy, Lucy.

    “We would love to nominate Neen who has been just wonderful since our toddler started swim classes, through highs and lows! She is patient and enthusiastic, just love her!”- Uma’s mummy, Meera.

    “Neen is AWESOME! She is Patient, lovely and passionate! Loves what she does and it shows in her teaching and class - her explanation are amazing & she really gets to know and understand the child and knows their limits & offers alternate options. We look forward to our Saturday class because of her :)” - Anya’s mummy, Amreen.

    “We'd like to nominate our lovely teacher Need at Heston Hyde pools. Our daughter Sofija adores her and listens to her better than she listens to her own parents! We'd love to do Neen's classes every day if we could!”- Sofija’s mummy, Sanja.

    “I would like to nominate Neen as the teacher of the term. Mollie attends her little dippers class and has come on in leaps and bounds since moving to swim with Neen. Mollie has always been nervous about putting her face in the water but Neen has been super patient and made each and every lesson so fun that Mollie hasn’t even noticed that she now puts her face in the water for bubbles and is starting to swim on her own! The passion and enthusiasm Neen shows for all in her classes is infectious and the children love her. She is most definitely the reason that Mollie gets up and dressed early on a Saturday morning! Mollie even holds her own swimming lessons in the bath with her dolls now showing them how to blow bubbles!”- Mollie’s mummy, Jennie.

  • We love Sinead's nominations!

    We love Sinead's nominations!

    “When Harrison joined Puddle Ducks only a month or so ago he hadn’t even been in the pool before and there were a lot of tears! Very quickly Sinead had transformed his confidence with her friendly manner and the fun games that she plays with the group. Now he’s so much more comfortable in the water, trying to kick and is so, so excited when he realises we’ve arrived for his swimming class. She also made us feel very much at ease taking Harrison swimming for the first time”- Harrison’s mummy, Louise.

    “Both Freddie and James Gil vote for Sinead. They absolutely love her and are so excited every Sunday morning. It’s the highlight of their week!” – Gil and Freddie’s mummy, Cara.

  • Such a lovely nomination for Marion!

    Such a lovely nomination for Marion!

    "Marion painstakingly persevered with Leo's phase of discomfort, general non-compliance and dare I say, grumpiness, when he first made the step up to Little Dippers. In doing so, she has displayed saintly patience and understanding and a heart-warming determination that Leo gets back to enjoying his "swimping". This term, that battle has been won and Leo is enjoying his classes more than ever. Thank you Marion – Leo’s dad, Iain. 

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