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Upcoming Holiday Dates (inclusive):

Easter Break: Monday 6th April 2020 - Sunday 19th April 2020

Summer Break: Monday 17th August 2020 - Sunday 30th August 2020

Christmas Break: Monday 21st December 2020 - Sunday 3rd January 2021

All timetables are correct at time of publishing. Any changes to you class times will be communicated to you by your local office either by phone or email.

Please note all new bookings require payment for 10 classes upfront


Meet your team at High Tunstall Hydro Pool

  • Jessica & Daisy

    Jessica & Daisy


    Hi, I’m Jessica and I am a mum to a girl she’s 7 and a boy aged 3, and I am getting married in July 2020.

    My Puddle Ducks journey to becoming a swimming teacher started in June 2019 when a current employee told me a job had came up at her work. I went along to a meeting to learn more about the role, and it was the perfect job for me; to teach children how to swim and build relationships with them and the parents!

    My hobbies are doing pageants, where I will raise money for local charities to help people from babies to adults, and spending time with my family making memories!

    I teach the Baby and Pre School classes here on a Sunday.


    Hi! My names Daisy and I have worked for Puddle Ducks as a pool side since June 2019. I love my job and to see the children's confidence grow and to see them thrive as a group and make friendships that will hopefully last a life time!

    I am the poolside assistant on a Sunday. 

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