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Meet Our Puddle Ducks Team

  • Jacqueline



    Jacqueline is the Franchise behind Puddle Ducks West Berkshire.

    Jacqueline is also a fully qualified Baby & Pre-school swimming teacher.

    Now in her fourth year of being a Franchise, Jacqueline welcomes new additions to her ever-growing team and continues to expand the Puddle Ducks West Berkshire franchise into new pools and locations. Determined to provide Puddle Ducks’ classes at the highest quality, Jacqueline hopes that you will come to swim with us and see for yourself!

  • Lauren


    Baby & Pre-School, Swimming Aademy & Senior Teacher

    In addition to her Senior Teacher role, Lauren is also fully qualified in our Baby & Pre-School and Swimming Academy programmes!  

    Lauren currently teaches at our Honey End Lane, RAF Odiham and Downwind pools.


    Message from Lauren "Hello I'm Lauren, I've been teaching for Puddle Ducks for nearly 6 years and I love it! I'm Jacqueline's senior teacher and help support her teachers, I swam for my school in South Africa and held the 50m Breaststroke record and received a scroll for swimming. I loved going to the beach and swimming in our pool, so luck to have a pool when I was a kid. I love my job teaching the children and supporting the parents. 

    In my spare time I coach open water swimming to both adults and children. I train in the open water whenever possible! I love to paddle board and kayak, think there is a theme in there somewhere!"



  • Lizzie


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Lizzie has been part of the team for three years now and fits her teaching role perfectly around her family!

    Lizzie has many dedicated swimmers, you will find Lizzie currently teaching at Honey End Lane, she is soon to go off on maternity leave to await the arrival of her third baby.

    Message from Lizzie "I discovered Puddle Ducks with my second daughter, it was a really special time to be in the water just the two of us when she was only a couple of months old. Teaching is a great opportunity to fit around a young family life and do something really fun and energetic. I love meeting all my new swimmers but equally I enjoy getting to know the parents and seeing them each week. You'll find me in the warmest pools possible, singing my heart out, so come and have a splash!"

  • Jenny


    Aquanatal & Baby & Pre-School

    Fully qualified Baby & Pre-School and Aquanatal teacher, Jenny is a real favourite with all our swimmers!

    Jenny teaches classes at Downwind, Yateley School and RAF Odiham.


    Message from Jenny "I have always loved swimming, my mum always says that I could swim before I could walk! I used to swim several times a week all the way through to the end of university where I studied a degree in Sport. I have always found being in the water very calming, swimming lanes helps me to focus and playing in the pool, on lakes, rivers or in the sea reminds me of the fun I had growing up, sailing, kayaking, swimming, pretending to be a mermaid, diving in or playing splashing games with my family. After university I buckled down with my serious office jobs but when my daughter was born I started to wonder if there was something that would allow me more time with her and add a little more fun in to my day.

    We started swimming with Puddle Ducks and one day I commented on how much fun it looked to be a teacher, the next thing I knew, I had booked my teacher training and I haven't looked back since. 

    The classes with Puddle Ducks are so much fun, I love seeing all the little ones learn, and being able to witness their swimming journey is such a privilege. I also love helping out pregnant mummies find a bit of time every week for themselves that allows them some gentle exercise in a safe environment as well as a bit of time to relax (it was my favourite time of the week when I was pregnant). I believe that learning to swim is a life long skill that is a lot of fun with Puddle Ducks and I hope to see you soon in one of our lovely pools :)"

  • Andi


    Baby & Pre-School

    Qualified in our Baby & Pre-School programme, Andi teaches Floaties through to Dippers! You can find Andi teaching at Downwind pool in Bagshot. 

    Outside of work Andi loves to spend time with her husband and two young children. 

    Message from Andi "Hi, My name is Andi, I am a very proud member of Puddle Ducks West Berkshire. Many years ago I was involved in an incident resulting in a serious back injury. Despite months of physio therapy, I was told I might not be able to carry children of my own. It was then that I discovered the benefits of swimming. Water helped me to rebuild my body and today I'm a proud mum to two gorgeous boys. Both of whom were born in a birthing pool and started swimming with Puddle Ducks from as early as 6 weeks old. Experiencing the wonders of baby and pre-school swimming lessons as a parent made me want to jump in and join the club as a teacher. I love being a Puddle Ducks swimming teacher and watching all our Puddle Ducks develop and grow in confidence. It's truly the best job ever!"

  • Trudie


    Baby & Pre-school

    Trudie is a recent addition to our teaching team, she is soon to qualify as a Baby & Pre-School teacher. Some of you may have already met Trudie during her training journey. 

    Trudie will soon be taking on Baby & Pre-school lessons at RAF Odiham 


    Message from Trudie "I discovered a love for baby preschool swimming when I took my then 10 week old to her first lesson. I simply loved the bonding experience and the confidence it gave my daughter, who now aged 4, is a very competent swimmer.

    I joined Puddle Ducks because of their professionalism.  Their quality of staff training and their baby preschool programs are lots of fun, comprehensive and progressive"

  • Vicky


    Pool Side Assistant & Baby & Pre-School

    Vicky has recently added to her Pool Side Assistant shifts and decided she wanted to work in the pool too!

    Vicky is currently in training to become a Baby & Pre-School teacher. 

    Vicky is also behind our social media channels and helps to produce all of the content. 

  • Sophie


    Pool Side Assistant & Marketing Assistant

    Sophie joined the team last year pool siding at our Honey End Lane & Highdown pools.

    Sophie is also our marketing assistant and works hard to promote the brand awareness and continuing customer relations 

  • Rose


    Office Administrator

    Rose is our office administrator, and will be your point of contact when enquiring about our classes, booking your space and for any queries throughout your Puddle Ducks journey. 

    Here to provide excellent customer service and help you with anything Puddle Ducks related. 

    When Rose is not in the office she is looking after her 2 year old daughter.

  • Ashley


    Pool Side Assistant

    Ashley our pool side assistant at Honey End Lane has recently returned to the team after her maternity leave. 

    As a pool side assistant Ashley is often your first point-of-call when attending your lessons, Ashley is on hand to greet you and help you with any questions you might have.