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Timetable- Highdown School

Upcoming Holiday Dates:

Spring Term 2018

Spring term from 5th January - 7th April 2019

February half term 18th - 24th February 2019

Reading half marathon- Sunday 17th March- No swimming

All timetables are correct at time of publishing. Any changes to your class times will be communicated to you by your local office either by phone or email.


Meet the teachers at Highdown School

  • Trudie



    I discovered a love for baby preschool swimming when I took my then 10-week-old to her first lesson. I simply loved the bonding experience and the confidence it gave my daughter, who now aged 4, is a very competent swimmer.
    I joined Puddle Ducks because of their professionalism. Their quality of staff training and their baby preschool programs are lots of fun, comprehensive and progressive