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Meet the Team!

  • Ashly Payne

    Ashly Payne

    Senior Swimming Teacher

    'Water is my happy place'

    I am. Canadian, grew up in S Africa & have been in the UK since 2000.   Since having our daughter, Edie, my spare time is family time.  I started swimming when a few months old & I have been in water ever since!.   I'm from a family of swimmers, waterpolo players and divers - so childhood was spent swimming everywhere with my mum, dad and brother....ocean, rivers, lakes, reservoirs.  I swam competitively, representing my county on many occasions.   5 years ago I began my qualifications, aiming to turn something I love doing into a career. It all fell into place when I met Rav and Puddle Ducks and I haven't looked back.

  • Beck Fisher

    Beck Fisher

    Swimming Teacher

    'Growing up... I lived in a pool!"

    Coming from Jersey, I have always lived close to the sea and so swimming has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

    Growing up, I used to swim weekly alongside doing competitive springboard diving - basically I lived in a pool!!

    I joined Puddle Ducks in 2017 and really enjoy playing a part in getting children learning a key life skill.  I love seeing each new class entering the pool and witnessing the excitement on their faces - it tells you how that lesson will be.

    I have two young children who keep me busy outside of work, Eli is 2 years old and Ivy is 2 months.

    In any spare time, I enjoy running and in particular taking part in half marathons. 

  • Christina Hunt

    Christina Hunt

    Swimming Teacher (Baby & Pre-school)

    "Seeing children improve and develop their love for swimming is amazing"

    I started with Puddle Ducks in December 2018 and am very much looking forward to teaching my own classes.

    I have always been a keen swimmer and from a young age used to swim three times a week, including synchronised swimming!

    Having previously worked as a secondary school Physical Education teacher, I thrive on the challenge of teaching and developing skills amongst children, helping them to gain confidence through every day life.

    Having been a customer of Puddle Ducks for two years with my own children, we loved our lessons from the very beginning.  So much so, that I decided I wanted to become a Puddle Ducks teacher!.  It is the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for teaching with my hobby of swimming.

    Working for Puddle Ducks so far has been great, I love the challenge set in teaching different ages and abilities. Seeing children improve and develop their love for swimming is amazing.   The super excited, keen faces from children and parents at the beginning and during the welcome song, makes me realise what an amazing job I now have!. 

    I'm married with two young children (a boy who is nearly five and a girl who is nearly 2) and naturally enjoy spending time with my family, as well as going for walks, being outdoors and just having fun.




  • Eleanor Cox

    Eleanor Cox

    Swimming Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    "I love that I can help other people develop a love and confidence in the water"

    As my mum would say - I was born swimming!

    From a very young age my mum took me and my siblings swimming.  I remember getting up early in the mornings and going before school, as well as racing to be the first ones in the pool after school too.

    My mum became a swimming instructor when I was about 8 which meant even more time spent at the swimming pool - I loved it.

    I always dreamed about competing but an illness meant that dream wouldn’t be realised, so I decided to follow in my mums footsteps and aged 16 I began teaching swimming.

    When I wasn’t teaching or at college, I was lifeguarding -  anything I could do to be near a pool.

    I taught for about 8 years before I took on a role working at Luton airport. My husband and my mum always thought I should go back into teaching and always encouraged me to.

    Once our youngest daughter was born I made the decision to leave airport life and look for a job better suited to looking after my family. After responding to an advert my Puddle Ducks journey began last year.

    I have two daughters (aged 12 and 4) who I also taught to swim from a young age. I think swimming is an important life skill which everyone should have. Many of my happiest moments have been spent in a swimming pool.

    I love that I can help other people develop a love and confidence in the water. It’s safe to say I’m loving my job.

  • Joti Branson

    Office Administration

    'Swimming is an important life skill'

    Having come from a fitness background (previously worked as a Personal trainer), I have always been interested in all things health and fitness related.

    I am myself a regular swimmer and understand the importance of learning to swim and being confident in the water from an early age and how swimming is an important life skill. 

    I have three children and they are all strong and competent swimmers, having learnt to swim from a very early age.

    After a 10 year career break raising a family, I felt it was time to get back to work.  I specifically needed something that would fit around the kids and luckily an opportunity arose with Puddle Ducks to work as their Office Administrator, so I was more than excited to accept that role when it was offered to me.

    In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, swimming, running, anything fitness related really, cooking and walking our elderly dog Muttley.

    Although my Puddle Ducks journey has only just begun, I'm very excited about the future and being part of the Puddle Ducks family!

  • Laura Williams

    Laura Williams

    Swimming Teacher (Baby & Pre - school)

    "I feel so lucky to have a job that I enjoy so much "

    I started training with Puddle Ducks in March 2018, taking my own lessons from September 2018.

    Alongside my swimming teacher role with Puddle Ducks, I work for a PGCE provider and previously I worked as a Trainer for a social care company.

    Swimming relaxes me and I have always loved spending as much time in the water as possible, whether that be in a pool or the sea.

    When the opportunity came up to work with Puddle Ducks, I didn't hesitate in taking the plunge and have loved it ever since.

    Teaching children of all different ages and abilities and who are developing their love for swimming is great. I feel so lucky to have a job that I enjoy so much - in fact it doesn't feel like a job!  The best part is seeing so many exciting and smiling children at the start and the end of every lesson. Witnessing how happy the kids are and how proud their parents get when their child accomplishes something for the first time.

    I am married with a little girl, Rae who is 2. We love exploring the outdoors and making memories,with as many camping trips and festivals in our campa van as possible! 

  • Parveen Gilman

    Parveen Gilman

    Office Manager

    'I want all of our customers to feel like they are part of the Puddle Ducks family'

    I started my Puddle Ducks journey when my daughter was just a few months old.
    Initially she hated the water and so I wanted to do something to help build up her confidence. After being so impressed with how they helped both us as parents and my daughter in the water, I enquired about joining the Puddle Ducks team – and haven’t looked back since.
    I trained as an aqua-natal teacher and took on an office role. It really has been the best job in the world being able to work with a great team while getting a good work-life balance

  • Ravneet Bermi

    Ravneet Bermi


    'Classes are gentle, nurturing and fun'

    I have been passionate about baby swimming from my very first experience of it when I took my eldest daughter, to classes in various swim schools from when she was 10 weeks old. I loved the concept and the benefits were amazing – I saw them first hand!  I fell in love with the Puddle Ducks teaching style and the atmosphere after just one term which we did in Leicester when Roma was 18 months old, the pace was perfect for Roma. That is when I became interested in opening my own Puddle Ducks swimming school.
    The rest is history!

  • Rebecca Simmonds

    Rebecca Simmonds

    Swimming Teacher (Baby & Pre School / Swim Academy / Aqua natal)

    Rebecca joined us in September 2017 as a baby and pre school swimming teacher and has recently trained in Swim Academy and Aqua natal.

    Rebecca has worked with children since she was 16 and went on to achieve a BA Hons degree in early years and education.

    Previously she worked as a room leaders at a pre-school nursery.  As you can imagine, Rebecca has always loved working with children, especially those of baby and pre school age.

    Rebecca took swimming lessons herself when she was young and understands what an important life skill this is. She is cracking on with her training this summer and can’t wait to put it all into practice!!

    Rebecca has a little girl who will shortly be 2

  • Elaine Nelkin

    Swimming Teacher (Baby & Pre-school)

    Profile coming soon - Watch this space!

What Our Customers Think

'Everyone is so friendly, teachers are brillisnt and really care about the children and the flexibility to rebook classes is amazing'