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'My Puddle Ducks' Online Account Features

  • If you have never logged into your online account before, just visit and use the email address that you signed up with. The default password is Password@123 (don't forget to use a capital P). Please ensure that you change this under the "my profile" section.






  • Our classes are paid for in advance. Typically a customer is paid up between 7-10 lessons in advance. You can view where you have paid up to in your overview.








  • If you know you can't attend a lesson, you can book yourself off online up to 24 hours in advance. As a franchise, we allow customers to book themselves off within 24 hours of a class by emailing before the time of your class. When you book yourself off, you will receive a courtesy class voucher. There is no limit to how many classes you can book off, providing our customers with all the flexibility they need. 

    You can book into a courtesy class to make up for any classes that you have booked of. Courtesy classes can be booked a maximum of 6 days in advance and a minimum of 1 hour in advance. When clicking on the "book courtesy class" button, the system will show you where we have spaces available in your current class level so you can choose which class works best for you.

  • Our holiday dates are always listed online, so you can keep up to date as to when the classes aren't running. If you have locked yourself out of your account and need to double check when we are off, please click on this link







  • If you need to cancel your courtesy class, you can do this via your online accout up to 24 hours in advance of the class. If it is within 24 hours of the class, please email and we can then cancel it for you as long as we are informed before the time of the class. You can then re-book it in the normal way. Please note that when you cancel a courtesy class, the original courtesy class voucher is re-issued as we aren't able to extend the expiry dates.






  • You can view how much your next payment will be and when it is due in the overview. If you need to change your card details, you can click on the blue link and update these. The office are not able to see your card details or change these, ensuring that no unauthorised payments are taken from your card.








  • When your Puddle Duck have achieved a badge, this will appear on your online account. You can purchase these directly via your online account. If you need a backdated certificate, you can order these here.








  • In the 'My Profile' section, you will find all your contact details. It is important that you keep us updated if any of these change. You are able to edit your profile and change any contact details directly. This way, we can keep you updated on things like cancelled classes or payments.

    You are able to change your password should you need to under this section also. Please ensure that your password is changed from the default password. Should you forget your password, you can reset this (check your junk mail for the password reset if it doesn't appear in your inbox).

    For every friend that you recommend who signs up with us, both you and them receive a £10 discount. If they book in over the phone with us, they just need to mention your name when signing up. If they are booking in directly via our website, they will need to enter your 'recommend a friend' number.

  • From Little Dippers onwards, you are able to see what your Puddle Duck has achieved and what they need to work on. The teachers update this criteria every half term so that you can keep track of their progress.








  • Courtesy classes are valid for 6 months from the date that they are issued. This allows our customers lots of time to be able to make up those classes that they have booked off. If you are unsure of when your courtesy classes expire, you are able to check these under this section. Please ensure that you don't leave these to the last minute as we can't extend these if there is no availability or if they expire over the school holidays. 






  • Any credits on your account will appear here. For example if you have a recommend a friend bonus or if your regular class has been cancelled. Your credits will automatically be discounted off your next payment.

    We do not email any receipts for your payments, but you are always able to see a detailed breakdown off all of your payments.

    Your payment schedule will show you the maximum that you will pay every month. Any credits on your account will reduce the amount you pay. In the months of January and August, we have a 'balancing payment'. The balancing payment months will ensure that you are not paid any more than 7 lessons in advance. If you are paid for 7+ lessons in advance, then no payment will be taken in those months. If you are paid for 6 lessons in advance, then we will only take a payment for 1 lesson in those months and so forth. An email will be sent out in advance of these months so that you know how much you will be paying. 

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