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Blue Lagoon Warm Water Centre, Eastbourne

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All you need to know – Blue Lagoon Warm Water Swim Centre, Eastbourne

14 Brassey Avenue, Eastbourne BN22 9NG

We can’t wait to welcome you to Puddle Ducks at The Blue Lagoon Swim Centre – in the meantime, here’s some information that we hope you find useful. Have a splashtastic time!

Location: Blue Lagoon Warm Water Swim Centre

Parking: There is ample FREE parking in the Tesco Metro Car Park, adjacent to the Swim Centre.

Essential Information:

  • On arrival at the Swim Centre you will either be greeted by a Puddle Ducks Poolside Assistant or you should register with the Centre Staff.
  • There is limited space to store pushchairs inside the building although we recommend leaving pushchairs in your car.
  • We recommend that you bring a changing mat with you to the lessons so that you always have a dry place to change your baby.
  • You are required to shower before entering the pool.
  • A well-fitting neoprene swim nappy must be worn with a disposable swim nappy or one of our environmentally friendly NappyWrap & Liners underneath if your child is in Floaties, Splashers or Kickers and in other programmes if they are not potty/toilet trained. Why not buy one of our great value starter packs which contain everything you need for your swim lesson.
  • You can find lots more useful information about attending our swim classes on our FAQs page.
    Exclusivity: Puddle Ducks has exclusive use of the pool during our lessons.

Changing rooms: 

  • There are separate changing areas for women and men.
  • There is no lockable storage in the changing rooms so please do not bring valuables.
  • In the interest of cleanliness and hygiene the venue requests no eating or drinking at all in the changing rooms.

Spectators: There is a small area by the pool for a few spectators. We recommend that spectators do not stay in the pool hall for the full duration of classes but make use of the cafe area at the front of the venue.

Photography and Videos:

  • You may only take photographs or video footage during ‘splash time’ and must not interfere with the lesson.
  • Your child/relative must move to the side of the pool away from the rest of the customers so that they are not visible in the image (including the background).
  • Underwater photographs and underwater videos are forbidden.
  • Please remain sensitive to the feelings of others and always stop should you be asked to do so.
  • The Puddle Ducks teacher or Poolside Assistant working at the venue has the right to view the images taken and delete any taken at the pool: in all instances the decision of the Puddle Ducks team member is final.

Poolside Assistant: A Poolside Assistant will be present at the venue during Puddle Ducks lessons at key times in the term. The Centre also has reception staff to help you.

Technical information:

  • Pool temperature:  33-34°C.
  • Depth: Maximum of 1.2 metres
  • Maximum class ratios : 9 children/adult pairs:1 teacher
  • Pool water treatment: Chlorine with UV filtration