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Thank you for your Nominations

Thank you for taking the time to nominate your teacher, here are all the nominations we received:-

  • Sophie had been really struggling with her fear of getting her face and head wet and was getting really upset during lessons. One week Sophie said to me she did want to go under the water and she wasn't going to cry. I told Leah this and at the next lesson she let Sophie take the lead, gave her individual support and encouragement and amazingly Sophie went under the water again and again and within a couple of weeks was asking me to let go of her, as she wanted to do it on her own. 6 weeks on and she's just moved no into Dippers and is loving it. Thank you Leah!
  • My daughter has been going to Leah classes since she was taking her first lessons under the guidance of Clare. I thought no one could top Clare but Leah has been amazing. Gabriela really responds to her well, the classes are under control and Leah manages to get the best out of the kids. Nothing's ever a problem and she's very organised.
  • Always energetic and bubbly and happy to see us. George is having a bit of trouble adjusting to a new pool (we think) and Kelly has been a great support and adapting things for him and continues to encourage us both. Teaching is both to be confident is really important to me so is really appreciated. Team Kelly 😃
  • I am nominating Leah because she always goes that extra mile. Since we have been with Leah, Isla has grown in confidence and is becoming a confident swimmer. Isla is always excited to go swimming and to see Leah. She always makes her smile and is brilliant as a teacher and is superb with the children. *** always puts 100 percent into her work and you can tell with how confident isla has become and now isla is wanting to swim without me and tries even without any aids. Thank you for all you have done Leah you deserve teacher of the term.
  • George has come to puddle ducks since 3 weeks old. He absolutely loves his swim classes as well as me. I love how much George is confident in the water all because of Leah. I feel that she's a very good confident teacher and has brought out the best in George . Leah is very reassuring when I have worries she always reassures me and helps me feel confident with the new activities every week. I can't recommend Leah and puddle ducks enough so much so she has inspired me to become a puddle ducks teacher.
  • Leah is wonderful with Ruby. We thoroughly enjoy our class and Leah puts us both at ease. Great job Leah xx
  • Leah is a fab teacher. Sami is more excited about his lessons than ever and is progressing amazingly. Leah is so in tune with the children's needs and abilities and knows just how to encourage them along without them even realising. There's no doubt that she deserves teacher of the term!
  • Kelly is a fantastic teacher and always makes us feel confident in the water, Frankie loves his swimming lessons and has come on so much the best thing we have done is to put in him swimming lessons. I recommend Kelly lessons to all my friends. I love watching Frankie progress each week and can't thank Kelly enough for all the she does in each lesson.
  • Kelly has been there for James through his entire swimming journey and we wouldn't be without her! Even when he might be grumpy Kelly can always get a smile and I believe Kelly has played a huge role in James's love of swimming! I cannot thank her enough she is a wonderful, kind, caring and inspiring teacher! A real asset!
  • Kelly is a fab teacher my daughter now loves her swimming lessons after some water wobbles. She is doing really well thanks to Kelly's encouragement and support.
  • Kelly is a fantastic teacher, Evie has been swimming since splashers and initially was not a fan of the water, Kelly went out of her way to help both Evie and us feel at ease, and now she is a confident little kicker! Kelly is so personable and great with all of the children! Evie loves swimming with Kekky!
  • Lily loves swimming because of Kelly. When we joined Kelly's kickers class last September we had been swimming with Lily since July but she was still quite reluctant in the water. Now Lily has absolutely no fear and joins in with all the activities happily and with confidence. As a parent it's impossible not to like a teacher who your child loves so much, Lily is always smiling at Kelly when she sings and holds her arms out to go to her when it's her turn in activities. Kelly has also helped me with my confidence with Lily in the water, at our first lesson I was scared of just sliding into the pool! You can really see the improvement in every child each week. A great teacher who the children love and who has a good laugh with the parents :-)
  • Norah started with Kelly at 9 weeks and quickly learned the command used for submersion. Kelly is always enthusiastic and friendly. She is also attentive of parents who may have health issues to find ways to be inclusive. She arrives early to each session and is approachable should you have any questions. A fabulous teacher who we are confident will continue to develop our babies skills in the water.
  • Kelly makes all our classes so much fun. She reassures the kids when they need it and encourages them. Max has become So confident in the water from being so scared and clingy. He loves his swimming classes now! And that's thanks to Kelly.
  • Kelly is amazing with April, she's been teaching her since she was 17 weeks old. April trusts Kelly 100% she's so patient and fun, it still amazes me she knows every child's name.
  • Freddie loves his lessons with Leah, and she makes me feel confident in the water with him!
  • Kelly is fantastic. So friendly and welcoming and she's great with the little ones. As a mum thats suffered badly with PND and anxiety its good to be able to say that swimming lessons with Kelly are one of the few places i can relax and enjoy spending time with my son. She really does make everyone feel welcome and every class is educational but fun and filled with laughter. We will only go to Kelly's classes and drive the 40 mile journey every week because her classes are so good
  • Loïc moved to Leah class recently and she has made him feel really welcome. He wasn't enjoying swimming but he seems to have really settled and is having a lot of fun! Thanks Leah!