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Aquanatal classes for expectant Mums at DW Fitness, Kidderminster

Our fantastic classes combine relaxation with cardio-vascular exercise providing a range of benefits including keeping fit, improving sleep and reducing the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, they are also the perfect physical preparation for labour in the soothing comfort of the water.

Sessions are held at DW Fitness in Kidderminster on Saturday mornings at 11.30am. Sessions are £6 and bookable at £48 for 8 sessions. If you are over 32 weeks, you can book on for just 4 sessions. You do not need to be a DW Fitness Member to attend.

A great bonus for all expectant Mums attending is that you will get 20% of the cost of your first term if you sign up to swim with your new baby.

If you have recently had a baby then Aquanatal classes can also be undertaken post-pregnancy, the gentle exercises help mums’ bodies recover after birth and get back into shape gently.

Spaces are limited so call 01905 888346 or email to register. 


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