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Are you our winner for the Star Swimmer, Autumn/Winter 2019 Award?

Christmas is fast approaching and with it, another fantastic term is drawing to a close. We are delighted to announce our Star Swimmer, Autumn/Winter 2019 award winners. It has been a tough choice for our teachers to nominate their superstar swimmers, those children who they feel have really stood out in terms of their progress, determination and attitude.

It was even harder for our lovely judge, Andy from The Old Rectory, Droitwich to choose just two winners from all our fabulous anonymous nominations.

Before we announce the two winners, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our SUPERSTARS who consistently come to class each week super motivated and working hard to improve their swimming skills. Well done to you all, we are all so proud.


Our Star Swimmer Award Winners are:

BPS: Elizabeth – nominated by Gemma 💦

Following an accidental submersion in the Sea, Elizabeth told her Mummy that she remembered to use her lion arms and kicking legs, just like we teach during our Pyjama Week. Since then, Elizabeth has just got on with swimming and although she is sometimes apprehensive, she still comes along and gets involved. I am so proud of her and think she deserves this award.

Swim Academy: Julia – nominated by Emma 💦

I would like to recognise Julia and her swimming achievements as one of my star swimmers. When Julia came to us, she was petrified of water and she is now on an amazing swimming journey and developing all of the strokes and swimming correctly with amazing alignment, it is just such a pleasure to teach and see her confidence grow each week.

Our nominations and stars from Baby and Pre-school:

Charlie – nominated by Rachel 💦

Charlie swims with us at our pool at DW Fitness in Kidderminster. He has recently moved up from Kickers to Little Dippers however, despite currently being the smallest and youngest swimmer, he is thriving in his new class. 😀 

Charlie has such a raw determination to succeed, to master new skills and make his daddy super proud during his lesson. He’s recently overcome his fear of jumping from standing from the big float... his little legs were so shaky as he walked down the float and stood at the edge ready to jump back into the water but this didn’t stop him jumping with a big belly splash to his daddy! Everyone in the class cheered and clapped. 👏  

He may be small but he is fierce 😂 and it’s an absolute pleasure to have him in my class each week.


Judah – nominated by Rachel 💦

Judah swims with us at Wollescote Primary School in the Kickers programme. He started his Puddle Ducks journey in the summer and over the last few months both his water confidence and ability to follow simple instructions has dramatically improved. He’s now a super-splashy, super-excited-to-be-in-the-water, little swimmer who is thriving in his Kickers class. 

Jumping off the float is his all time favourite activity; his face lights up when the big float comes into the pool and when it’s his turn to jump he launches himself into the water.  We’re working on him resurfacing from his jump on his own and it won’t be long before he’s mastered this skill too!! 

It’s amazing to teach such an excited and confident little boy who tries his hardest to participate in every activity.

Well done Judah!

Alex – nominated by Becky 💦

I would like to nominate one of my Dippers called Alex. Alex tried Dippers a few months ago but suffered a bit with his confidence and we thought it best to wait to try again until he felt ready. Well, he certainly is now!! Overcoming his wobble with confidence and swimming like a little fish Alex will soon be on his way to achieving his 5m!

At only 3 years old he does really well at listening to Becky and following instructions, which has helped him to make real progress during his classes. Alex is such a wonderful charismatic little boy, we always have lots of fun during his swimming lessons.  Well done Alex!


Alfie – nominated by Becky 💦

I would like to nominate a little boy called Alfie who swims in my kickers class at Wollescote. Alfie has an infectious love of the water which rubs off on the other children in the group.
He amazes Becky with his confidence and quite often can end up starting a water fight at the end of the class, which all the children love!
Alfie will soon be ready for little Dippers for which he will move to another teacher. Becky will miss having you in her class Alfie! Thank you being such a star!!


Isabella – nominated by Emma 💦

Isabella is a Dipper I would like to nominate for star swimmer because she has persevered and with lots of determination, she has succeeded throughout her swimming classes into a fab Dipper!


Cillian – nominated by Gemma 💦

I would like to nominate Cillian as star swimmer because I have been teaching him for quite a while now and I have noticed a huge improvement in his techniques and concentration. Cillian really does try his hardest and he doesn’t generally get distracted like he used to. It won’t be long before he’ll be ready for his 5 metres.


Our nominations and stars from Swim Academy:

Amelia – nominated by Emma 💦

I would like to nominate Amelia as she is on an amazing swimming journey, developing all her strokes and she consistently swims with amazing alignment. It is a delight to see her confidence grow each week.


Georgie - nominated by Emma 💦

I would like to nominate Georgie as star swimmer as every lesson he walks in with a beaming smile and you can see he just loves it. He always leaves with an even bigger one too! He always does everything that is asked of him and his swimming is effortless. 

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