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Our Star Swimmer, Spring 2019

Our Star Swimmer, Spring 2019

Easter is fast approaching and another fantastic term is drawing to a close. We are delighted to announce our Star Swimmer, Spring 2019. It has been a really tough choice for our teachers to nominate their superstar swimmers, those children who they feel have really stood out in terms of their progress, determination or attitude. A super special thank you to Lucy from Croft House who had the very difficult job of choosing a winner from all our fabulous anonymous nominations.

A huge thank you to all our SUPERSTARS, coming to class each week super motivated and working hard to improve your swimming skills! Well done to you all!

Our Star Swimmer, Spring 2019 is:

Noah – Swim Academy - Nominated by Emma: 💦

What a pleasure each week to teach, so keen, bright and engaging. He listens well to all instructions. He tries to achieve all of the goals we set and even if he doesn’t do it first time, he will keep going until he does.  Noah’s determination is something he should be proud of and he has now confidently mastered level 3!! 

Our nominations and stars from Baby and Pre-School:

Phoebe – Nominated by Emma 💦 

Oh that smile, Phoebe is such a happy little girl. She has taken to swimming and thoroughly enjoyed her puddle ducks lessons each week. Phoebe is excellent in all activities and is often used for examples and demonstrations throughout the lesson. You are a pleasure to have in the Kickers class.


George – Nominated by Zara 💦

George is a confident and happy Kicker who is always smiling and has a clear love of water. He enjoys splashing and has started to control this more in the water when swimming on woggles, to learn how to reach. He has super kicking legs and is making excellent progress with his swimming. Despite getting drenched, Mum is fantastic and very encouraging with him, so they both get the most out of each lesson. He is a pleasure to teach whilst covering and I love seeing him progress and learn new skills in the water!


Jasper – Nominated by Becky 💦

At just 10 months old, he has learnt so much during his puddleducks lessons. He will happily put his face into the water, jump in and enjoys his fabulous little swims to Mummy.

But not only do I want to say a big well done to Jasper, I would like to congratulate his awesome Mummy too. I'm sure she won't mind me saying, but she was a bit nervous when she brought Jasper to his first lesson as a little baby in my Floaties class. With a bit of practice and guidance she has become really relaxed in the water (as has Jasper) and gives everything a go.

Jasper has grown into a complete natural in the water and I'm confident he will continue to be water confident for years to come. Well done Jasper! Becky is super proud of you!


Joseph – Nominated by Hollie 💦

I’ve been teaching Joseph for around 18 months his Puddleducks journey started well and he was really enjoying his lessons as a Floatie, however he had some health complications and had to have a break from his lessons, understandably this derailed his confidence and made him very attached to his mummy, but slowly over time he’s gotten more and more comfortable and confident in the water and with me, where in now he absolutely loves his lessons, is one of my first choices for a demo, as his bubbles, kicking and surface swims are absolutely brilliant, to see his smiling face on a Monday is one of my favourite classes of the week. 
Joseph’s mum has been fantastic throughout and its through her gentle but persistent approach that Joseph has come so far. Well done Joseph!!


Ben – Nominated by Zara 💦

Ben is a lovely young man who is super at swimming. He is one of the youngest in the class, but does not let this phase him. Recently he has started to work more with Mummy and I to progress his swimming and have more control in the water. He is very confident, able and is now happy swimming with myself and has started to do more short swims independently, which is so rewarding to see. He loves demonstrating to the group and is starting to try and respond to his feedback, ready for moving to Dippers. 


Our nominations and stars from Swim Academy:


Amelia – Nominated by Emma 💦

She works so hard and listens to everything the teachers tell her, Amelia's confidence has grown in the water and Amelia is completely happy in submerging her face into the water. You are always a pleasure to teach and you have the strongest leg kick I know. 


Lucy – Nominated by Zara 💦

Lucy joined me in Swim Academy, having previously swum with her mum in Puddle Ducks classes. The transition did not phase her and she is a very competent and confident swimmer, despite being the youngest in the class. She always puts in 100% effort every lesson, listens well and tries to work on her feedback. She has improved her front crawl technique and has gone on to achieve her 10m distance award. She is a beautiful swimmer and I’m very excited to see her progress and develop each week and as she ultimately move through the programmes!

Kayla – Nominated by Zara 💦

Kayla has had an amazing term in Swim Academy and has grown as a swimmer so much. Her confidence is fantastic, she is now happy to swim independently with minimal support from the teacher. She worked hard this term to work on her front crawl technique; the biggest improvement being putting her eyes in the water, to improve her alignment. This led to her achieving her 10m distance award by rolling to breathe and was lovely to watch! Most recently, she has successfully learnt to surface dive independently; again a big achievement as she wasn’t always happy putting her whole head underwater and she just had an amazing attitude and always responds to feedback. She is a lovely young lady and I will miss teaching her when she moves up to Level 3


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