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Star Swimmers, Summer 2019 Winners!

The Summer holidays are here and another fantastic term has drawn to a close. We are delighted to announce our Star Swimmer, Summer 2019 award winners. It has been a really tough choice for our teachers to nominate their superstar swimmers, those children who they feel have really stood out in terms of their progress determination and attitude. We would like to especially give a super special thank you to Jayne from St.Richards Hospice, who had the extremely difficult job of choosing just two winners from all our fabulous anonymous nominations. .

A huge thank you to all our SUPERSTARS, coming to class each week super motivated and working hard to improve your swimming skills! Well done to you all!

Our Star Swimmers, Summer 2019 winners are:

BPS: Leo – nominated by Rachel 💦

Leo is always full of energy and cheeky smiles. He loves the water, always splashing his hands and getting stuck in with all the activities. Although he’s only just turned 1 year old, I think his positive attitude and excitement is infectious and rubs off on other swimmers in my class, encouraging them to be more water confident. Leo is such a little smiley star ⭐️  

Swim Academy: Dylan – nominated by Zara 💦

Dylan has had an amazing term in Swim Academy and has grown as a swimmer so much. His confidence is fantastic and he is now happy to swim independently with minimal support from the teacher. He has worked hard this term to work towards gaining his 5m distance award, by improving his front crawl technique and rolling to breathe. I had the biggest smile on my face during his swim, as I was super proud! Most recently, he has successfully learnt to surface dive independently from treading water, which is a big achievement as it can be a difficult skill to master. I’m looking forward to seeing him progress further with his swimming now he has moved to Level 2! Well Done Dylan! 

Our nominations and stars from Baby and Pre-School:

Thomas - nominated by Rachel 💦 

Thomas has always been a very cuddly swimmer, holding snugly onto his mummy or daddy in the water during lessons. However, this term I've seen Thomas become so much more independent and with this has come a great wave of extra water confidence. Thomas has tried so hard to follow my instructions and I've seen a real raw determination in him to give each activity a real go - once he'd worked out that he could easily dive down and swim through his daddy's legs he was so excited he wanted to do it again and again!! Thomas is developing into a super little swimmer 😁

Hugo – nominated by Zara 💦 

Hugo is a lovely young man who is super at swimming. He has an amazing attitude and always takes on board any feedback given to him to improve his technique and just keeps going. He has a clear love of water and has recently progressed to achieve his 5m distance award, which is a massive achievement. Dad is fantastic in the water with him and is very encouraging and supportive, so they both get the most out of each lesson. Hugo is a pleasure to teach and I love seeing him progress and learn new skills in the water!

Lyra – nominated by Zara 💦 

Lyra joined us in Floaties and has already learnt so much during her Puddle Ducks lessons; something Dad commented on when he recently came to see her swim for the first time. Now a Splasher, she will happily put her face into the water and enjoys her super little swims to her Mummy. When she joined, Lyra took time to settle and gain confidence in the water and the key to this was her brilliant Mummy. She was very calm, encouraging and supportive, which helped relax Lyra and enabled them to both develop a lovely bond in the water which is clear to see. This is one of the reasons I do and love this job. She gives everything a go and this has helped Lyra become a natural in the water. Well Done Lyra and Mummy, Zara is so proud of you both!

Cillian – nominated by Gemma 💦 

Cillian has improved so much this term. He had got to a point where he wasn’t really listening to instructions & lost his confidence, but this term he has been amazing. 
His confidence has grown immensely & he now listens to the instructions he has been given, meaning he is swimming a lot more independently. I am so proud of Cillian. 

Charlotte – nominated by Gemma 💦 

When I first started teaching Charlotte, she wouldn’t put her face in the water & was afraid to do some of the activities. However, over the last few terms, she has improved a great deal. She really really tries & now blows her bubbles. I am so proud at how independent she has become, letting her Mummy & Daddy let go of her so she can do some independent swimming. Charlotte made such an effort in the lesson recently when we did our rhythmic breathing, she was a superstar! 

Samuel – nominated by Becky 💦 

I would like to nominate Samuel Collins as a star Swimmer this term!! Sam took a huge dip in confidence a few months ago and would often look worried about even getting in the pool. He went from a happy and confident 2 year old in the water to one who looked worried and concerned. It was upsetting to see our happy Little Dipper look anxious about the water. 

Well, with lots of support from Mummy, Daddy, his big brother and Becky, Sam has begun to enjoy swimming again! Mum and Dad have been brilliant in encouraging him gently and giving him lots of praise when he has a go at something for example- surface diving. We are beginning to see Sam enjoying the water again and even swimming with his head down. We’ve still got a little way to go with his confidence but Sam deserves the Star Swimmer award this term for trying so hard. Well done Samuel- you superstar! ⭐️

Isobel – nominated by Becky 💦 

I would like to nominate Isobel  for being a Star Swimmer this term!! Isobel  has achieved so much during her swimming lessons at Puddleducks. She has a 5m badge and shows great technique in her swimming, she will happily surface dive, jump in beautifully, has a great love of the water- and she isn’t even 4 yet! She is such a happy and joyful little girl to have in the lesson. Her personality is infectious! She is very helpful when Becky needs to demonstrate an activity as she is always so willing to volunteer. 

Well done Isobel, you hard work really shows and Becky couldn’t be prouder of you 😊⭐️

Orla – nominated by Emma 💦 

Orla is quiet in lessons but she is growing with her swimming every week! She enjoys all aspects of the class and she is such a pleasure to teach.

Willow – nominated by Emma 💦 

Willow tried so hard, she always joins in with all activities with no problems and she loves jumping into a belly splash! Well done Willow!

Our nominations and stars from Swim Academy:

Molly – nominated by Zara 💦 

Molly joined us in Swim Academy, having previously swam in our Puddle Ducks classes. Her determination and attitude have allowed her to flourish into a competent and confident Level 2 swimmer. In recent weeks, I’ve seen a lot of progress from Molly; in particular her alignment when rolling to breathe and development with her stamina as she works towards her 10m distance award. Molly does have medical conditions, which means she needs to pay attention to specific details when improving her technique, but she does not let this deter her! She always takes on board any feedback I give her to do her absolute best in every lesson. She is a beautiful swimmer and I’m very excited to see her progress and develop in every lesson.

Freya – nominated by Emma 💦 

Freya is tremendous and has amazing determination. She has come on leaps and bounds. Freya always has a smile on her face and continues to impress week on week.

Dillion – nominated by Emma 💦 

For Dillion, it has just clicked. He swims with his head down for 5 metres and beyond so confidently. I am so proud of him.

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