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Reviews and feedback - Puddle's Panel of Testers

Back in 2018 we put out an open invitation to join our new 'Puddle's Panel of Testers', a group of Puddle Ducks customers who would try out our shop products for us and give us their honest reviews and feedback. From 670 applicants we chose an initial group of 14, our aim being to include people from all across the UK and with children swimming across all our class levels.

We're very pleased to now be able to introduce some of our first panel members! Each of these lovely people have tested at least one item for us from our current product range. They've been given the products for free but the comments are truly their own. We've used their comments on our shop product pages but it's worth saying that we also regularly receive feedback from other customers who haven't received the products for free. For this reason, when the comments on a product are from one of our Panel members we have made this clear on the product page.

Meet the Panel!

  • Katie


    My name is Katie, I am 36 and first time mum to Anna.  Anna is just about to join Splashers after thoroughly enjoying Floaties from 8 weeks old. She is slowly becoming a cheeky fearless little Puddle Duck. We love our swim lessons and making lots of new Puddle Duck friends. We have our first holiday abroad coming soon and I just know that these lessons will allow us to enjoy our time safely around the pool. 

    Katie's reviews:

    Pop-In Baby Cosy Suit (doll print)

    • Lovely design and great colours. Tidy, neat professional finish on seams.
    • Soft to touch, smooth and silky. Fleece lining lovely and soft for baby skin. No bobbles.
    • After the first use we were quite impressed at the ease of dressing Anna. We have used the trouser jumpsuit style and found this to be a bit of a nightmare. So this was a breath of fresh air. Getting it off after the swim was more difficult.
    • After 12 uses - still almost as new. Appears much the same as when we received it. Fabric still has real quality feel. No bobbling where velcro has been misplaced. And no bobbling on the outer suit. One seam on the wrist has started to fray but only on very close inspection.
    • We got better at taking the suit off and it became much easier. Think the first time was our fault! Whilst great at retaining heat we found on 2 occasions (whilst abroad in Gran Canaria and at swim lessons) that Anna was a little too warm but it was easily rectified by just opening the velcro.
    • Out of all the garment designs in the range of swimwear, this was not my favourite when viewing online but it's definitely cuter and more appealing to see in front of me rather than on the internet. And on Anna it looked great. I would say that the images online do not do the suits justice.
    • Anna is between the 50th and 75th centile and whilst this fits on the body it's a struggle to get it over her legs and bum, (with HUGGIES swim nappy on). However this does ensure against leaks and Anna seemed comfortable enough. Not sure if this will last till 12 months though.
  • Jen


    Hi, I’m Jen, Mum to Rosie (5), and Annie (2). As a family we enjoy fun days out, long walks and of course, our holidays - both winter skiing holidays and summer holidays by the pool. My husband and I are both PE teachers so we have a very busy and active lifestyles. Puddle Ducks has played a huge part in our hectic weekends for a long time now, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our girls love their lessons, as do we!

    Jen's reviews:

    "We really loved the Ducks Swim Nappy Costume. The fact that it was practical - with the integrated nappy, made swimming trips much easier - one less thing to worry about! And has also probably saved us some money in the long run! The duck design is just beautiful and so pretty. Even after multiple washes, the garment has still retained it's beautiful appearance. Annie loves wearing this swimsuit. We have also been complimented many times around the pool by fellow Mums who were asking where this was from! Would definitely recommend this product!"

    Jammers Wetsuit

    "This is a smart little wet suit. It felt high quality with the thickness and fabric feel of a premium product. Unfortunately during use the velcro on the reverse of the garment pulled on the suit itself, so the fabric frayed around the velcro patches. Other than this though it still felt like a high quality product. My daughter felt like 'a real swimmer' when she wore it, saying she 'looked the part'! She compared herself to triathlon swimmers who also wear wetsuits!"

  • Rebecca


    I'm a 26 year old building surveyor. I have a 21 month old son, Zac, who started swimming at Puddle Ducks when he was 3 months old and has loved it ever since! 

    Rebecca's reviews:

    Pop-in Toddler Snug Suit (rocket print)

    • Very nice looking garment, bright and colourful with a nice design. Shame that the poppers are white and don’t match the rest of the suit though.
    • Small fit - the large states for 18-24 months, however only just fits my 18 month old who wears 18-24 month old clothes. I don’t think it will fit my son for very long!
    • On occasions the poppers popped open when my son bent over. Leg length is to knee, arm length I think is supposed to be full to wrist, however slightly shorter on my son.
    • I think if this product was a better fit on my son I would be giving it 5 stars, however due to it being small fitting I would only giving it a 3.5. It kept my son nice and warm as the fleece lining keeps most of the water out. It washed brilliantly and shows no sign of deterioration.
  • Amy W

    Amy W

    My name's Amy and I’m 27 years old, my son Bertie is 2 years and 7 months and he certainly keeps me on my toes.
    We live in Derbyshire in a small village and swimming has quickly become our favourite hobbie. When we’re not swimming we’re normally out in the fresh air on walks, crafting or watching the delightful Peppa Pig.
    My son Bertie started lessons when he was just 12 weeks old. The main item I’m always on the look out for currently is the swim outfits, the swim nappies and little swimsuits as he seems to be growing so quickly. Now he’s getting a little older he’s started squealing the word duck so excited whenever he sees one so I’d love to start a collection of Puddle Ducks items. He is obsessed with the duck puppet bath glove also so I love that we can buy one for bath time at home.

    Amy's reviews:

    Splash Jammers - shark print

    "Bright, colourful and fantastic pattern.  Fabric feels luxurious, thick and of a good quality. Feels expensive and easy to put on and off with the thinner material on the waistline.

    After 8 uses in the pool, the fabric quality feels as good as new. Some pulls on the waistline material due to catching on an outer swimsuit (he has to wear the additional suit due to our pool being a little cooler than others.) Found it didn't fit under these suits particularly well.

    Overall really happy with this product. Fits great, lovely vibrant pattern and does a fantastic job. Also so far with the hours in the pool and machine washing, I'm really happy that the quality hasn't suffered.

    The waist looked on the large side but actually when on, fit to him really well. The fit on the legs is fantastic and secure specially as he still wears a swim nappy. Overall I'm really impressed with the fit. Fits snug so not worrying about a leaking swim nappy. I can also see how it will grow with him over the next 6 months plus."

  • Laura G

    Laura G

    I’m Laura first time mummy to George who is currently 17 months old. George is a happy-go-lucky baby not afraid to try anything and does so with a smile on his face. When I’m not mummying George or our gorgeous Cockapoo Huxley, I work in the world of digital. I love gadgets and trying new products as well as travelling and discovering fab new places to eat. I spend far too much time on Instagram. :)

    Laura's reviews:

    Eco Swim NappyWrap & Liners

    "The product was ok. I really like the idea of being more environmentally friendly so this one really appealed but I think I was a little disappointed in the product itself. It felt a bit flimsy and was quite fiddly to get on, particularly with a wriggling baby! :) I'm not sure the environment factor outweighed the convenience for me on this one. Plus it was quite small so he didn't have long in it before it was too small."

    Bath-Time Fun Pack (rubber duck and duck puppet bath mitt)

    • Really love this product, great fun in the bath, George loves when we sing the Puddle Ducks song!
    • Bright colours, well made.
    • Good quality fabric, not too rough for baby skin.
    • I'd definitely buy this one myself!
  • Laura B

    Laura B

    Busy working mum with a keen Puddle Duck (23 months old) who loves to try and chase the rubber duck around the pool (and eat it!).

    Laura's reviews:

    "The Shark Splash Jammers are great - I thought they might be a bit too rigid at first but they're a perfect fit and have washed really well over the last few months. They still look as good as the first day we used them and Matthew loves wearing them."

  • Amy B

    Amy B

    My name is Amy and I a full time mummy to my wonderful children William who is 3 and Emily who has just turned 2.

    Both William & Emily have been swimming with Puddle Ducks since they were around 10 weeks old. The children thoroughly enjoy their lessons and it is a joy for my husband and I to witness the speed of which they are learning and this is greatly influenced by the fantastic teacher they have both had from the beginning. Neither William or Emily have had a bad lesson and in a nutshell Puddle Ducks is fantastic!

    Amy's reviews:

    Puddle Ducks Kid's Zip Hoodie

    "I liked the hoodies with exception to the colour of the blue one. The pink is really cute but the blue, which is the Puddle Ducks blue, appeared a bit ‘girly’ looking for me to put on my son. The fabric is nice and soft, and kept its colour and softness after washing. The fit is as you’d expect. These are perfect to throw on to keep them warm to and from their class as well as in the car, as children shouldn’t wear coats in their car seats."

    Puddle Ducks Kid's T-shirt

    "Personally not a fan as thought it was tacky and no convenience in putting this on before or after a swim lesson. The fabric looks and feels thin. The fit is small. Wore for the trial otherwise would not consider buying, going on appearance and the convenience of wearing this."

    Puddle Ducks Hooded Towel

    "This was the item I was looking forward to using the most! It’s lovely, great quality and a generous size. The colour is spot on to the Puddle Ducks blue. After lots of use and washes, it looks good as new. Really pleased with this product. The colour washes beautifully. The softness has kept well which is really important on the young one’s skin and I would have stopped using it if I felt it was too rough. The fit is a great size for little ones as it keeps them well covered and warm once out of the water. I really like this product and would recommend it to others."